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Mostly Politics
MidWeek Staff
Mostly Politics // Are We Headed Into Another Quagmire?
An American journalist on his knees, a hooded and masked ISIS butcher standing over him, knife in hand. The American, in this instance, 31-year-old Steven...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Candidate Forums The Wrong Form
Republican Duke Aiona, Libertarian Jeff Davis, Independent Mufi Hannemann and Democrat David Ige all want to succeed Neil Abercrombie as governor of Hawaii. So, two...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Election, Teachers And Our Keiki
A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in conversation with a young waitress — a recent graduate of University of Hawaii. I asked her...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Neil’s Bullying, Blustering Led To Loss
Four years ago, Neil Abercrombie resigned a safe seat in the United States Congress to run for governor. He easily defeated his Democratic primary opponent...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Waiting For Results Of Political Storm
I flew over to Hilo the Sunday before last. That morning Honolulu Star-Advertiser had published Hawaii Poll’s numbers on the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Rebecca Ward’s...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Pandering A Pre-election Tradition
For a political columnist, the last two weeks before the election threaten sandstorms. Aridity reigns. The debates or forums have concluded. The campaigns have bought...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Big Wedding Wasn’t So Bad After All
I’ve never been a fan of big weddings: the astronomically expensive wedding gown, the tossing of bridal bouquet and garter, the slicing and smashing of...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Rating The Season’s TV Political Ads
As a freelance scribbler, I’ve reviewed books and written about politicians, but what I’ve always wanted to review is movies. The closest I can get,...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Best Journalistic Gig In Town
I wrote my first “Mostly Politics” column for MidWeek in October 1991. I was coming off a dozen years of writing features and a political...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Candidates Try For Separation
How do I find traction on a crowded field, none of whom has previously run in anything larger than a city council district?” That’s the...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Power — And Paucity — Of TV
Last week Gov. Neil Abercrombie began running a television commercial in which he took credit for leading Hawaii out of the throes of the Great...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Reading The Early Political Signs
As a certified political analyst, I am frequently asked to read the political skies, as in: “Where are the planets Hanabusa and Schatz in the...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Challengers Dream Of Political Upsets
“Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” wrote the poet, “Man never is, but always to be blest.” The poet was a 16th century English...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Manahan: Call Him Candidate 7
City Councilman Joey Manahan came late to the race for the 1st District Congressional seat being vacated by Colleen Hanabusa. He had not yet announced...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Latest Politician To Switch Sides
As the Hawaii Democratic Convention wound down two Sundays ago, a former state legislator looked over the convention hall, shook his head and asked, “What...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Surprise! An Interesting LG Race
This column is about political conventions, am bition and charisma. Still reading? May is the month Hawaii’s two major political parties hold their conventions, the...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Military Leaders And Universities
Let’s talk about Lt. Gen. Francis Wiercinski, one of the finalists for the vacant University of Hawaii presidency. Wiercinski’s nomination has met with resistance. At...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Running As A Political ‘Alternative’
Kathryn Xian proclaims herself “the most progressive candidate” in the race for the 1st Congressional District seat being vacated by Colleen Hanabusa. “I’m offering myself...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Seasons Of The Political Year
Ah, it’s springtime, 30 games into the major league baseball season, tornado time on the continent and the madcap final days of Hawaii’s legislative session....

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Dems Barely Avoid A Messy Convention
Whew! Hawaii’s Democrats almost stepped into their own doo-doo. It began when State Democratic Party convention planners scheduled incumbent Gov. Neil Abercrombie to speak at...


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