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Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Quick, Spatchcock A Chicken — Or Not
I read an article in a national newspaper that was billed as a “home-cooking manifesto.” At first I was agreeing with the premise of the...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Ebola Just One Plane Ride From Hawaii
My husband and I are planning to go to Dallas and a few other places in Texas later this month, partly for business, partly for...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Learning To Live In An Empty Nest
I looked back at a column I wrote a couple of years ago and had a little chuckle. It was all about my fears as...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Beating Children Is Not A Spanking
I looked at the pictures of the bruises, welts and cuts on a little boy’s legs and felt sick. This was done in the name...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // The Right Domestic Violence Questions
If I say, “Ray Rice,” what’s your first thought? Your answer would depend on your views on and your knowledge of domestic violence. If you...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // An Eye-opening Hawaii Staycation
We recently had the opportunity to enjoy a couple of mini vacations here at home, something we rarely do. But our son was going back...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Why We Can’t Ignore Climate Change
Climate change is already here. It’s affecting us. It could be irreversible. You don’t have to believe me, but I hope you listen to the...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Iselle Lessons And A City With Flair
My heart goes out to the people in Puna and Pa hoa, Hawaii, who took the brunt of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Iselle. If you can, please...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Robin Williams, Suicide And Survivors
There was a picture circulating right after Robin Williams’ death that disturbed me. Williams, in his Genie character, and Aladdin hugging. The caption: “Genie, you’re...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Why Buy Bottled Water? Use The Tap
By the time you read this, we should be drying out from the double whammy of Iselle and Julio. Or, at least, the worst should...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Readers Respond To A Near-Tragedy
My dear MidWeek readers: Thank you so much for your feedback on my column “Coming ThisClose To A Tragedy.” It must have touched a nerve...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Loving The Depth Print Media Provides
MidWeek is 30 years old, and that’s a pretty cool thing. It’s also quite remarkable and a bit mind-boggling. Remarkable because MidWeek has survived Hawaii’s...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Young Writer Pleads For The Earth
What kind of Hawaii are we bequeathing to our children? Kate Welch thinks about it. She thinks about it a lot. The Ho’ala School seventh-grader...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // When A Friend Talks About Suicide
Before I say anything else, here’s a phone number you should have: 1-800-273-TALK. That’s 1-800-273-8255. It’s the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. OK. Got it? Those...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Coming ThisClose To A Tragedy
I almost ran down someone the other day. I had stopped at the mouth of a driveway, getting ready to turn right. I checked left...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Book Gives Life To Hawaiian History
“It was a time of many prayers, some of life, some of death. Kokoiki at Kohaha was the place, and the month was ‘Ikuwa. Men’s...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Maya Angelou’s Power Lives On
I can’t believe I took her for granted. Maya Angelou died last Wednesday. Her physical presence is no longer on this earth, and for that...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // No Turning Back On Marriage Equality
The marriage equality train rolls on – and at a pace both exhilarating and astonishing. A day after same-sex marriage was legalized in Oregon, a...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Turning 60 Inspires ‘Boomer Lit’
Here’s something I did not know. There is an entire genre of literature that focuses primarily on older women. I’m talking about women in their...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // A More Humane Law For Students
If your son throws a tantrum, do you tie him to a chair? If your daughter screams and upsets her brothers and sisters, do you...


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