Facebook Post Is The Perfect Gift



I received a beautiful gift this year. Daniel Nakasone had read my column on Hilda, the homeless woman who was looking for a job. Her story moved and inspired him, and he wrote this on his Facebook page:

“My family is forgoing sharing gifts this Christmas. We have enough stuff. The money I usually spend will go toward our community members who don’t have enough. We talked about this over Thanksgiving dinner and I hope the kids heard the message. This break in tradition was inspired by a story Jade Moon wrote on a homeless woman in Wahiawa, my hometown.”

The kids are his nieces and nephews, who range in age from 17 to 28, old enough to understand the value of giving with no expectation of receiving. Nakasone says they all thought it was a great idea.

How beautiful is that, folks?

I have to tell you, Hilda’s story really brought out the generosity in many of you.

Both Hawaii Foodbank and I received dozens of emails from people who wanted to help — some by donating money, others wanted to offer Hilda a job.

I want you to know we forwarded all the legitimate offers to the social worker who is working with Hilda and they will decide on the best course for her.

I am overwhelmed, knowing that we might play some small part in helping Hilda get back on her feet.

But I’m also realistic.

It’s going to be very tough for her. At this point, the social workers are guarding Hilda’s privacy so she has a chance to focus on recovering her life.

That’s a good thing. I wish her — and all like her — the very best.

What cheers me more than anything else during the holiday season is knowing so many of you manage to hold on to your … well, your goodness, for lack of a better word. You burnish our spirits, spread your joy, imbue everyone around you with optimism and hope.

Sometimes you do all of that by not buying presents. Sometimes you do it by forgoing business as usual and giving a gift to perfect strangers who will never be able to thank you in person. You do it for the sake of the giving, not for publicity or thanks.

Which is why I’m so very happy to thank publicly Daniel Nakasone and his family. You represent many others who are doing what you do and who might never get any sort of recognition, though you all deserve it.

You’re what the season is all about: heart and charity and love.

Mahalo, aloha and Merry Christmas to all.

Twitter: @JadeMoon1