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Just Thoughts
Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Catching Up To New Realities
Let’s face it, this mixed plate of same-gender marriage, civil unions, sexual partnerships and children picking their gender identity is tough chewing, swallowing and digesting...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Senate Race A Proxy For Governors
Here’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately: “Who do you think will win the Brian Schatz/Colleen Hanabusa race?” I say, “I have no...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Talking Turkey At The White House
This week and Thanksgivings 2014, 2015 and 2016 are President Obama’s last times to pardon turkeys. It’s a meaningless gesture when you consider that Americans...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Remembering Military C-rations
This pre-Thanksgiving column is dedicated to every GI whose combat-zone holiday meal was C-ration ham with lima beans, beef slices with potatoes and gravy, and...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A National Embarrassment
It would be wrong to label Hawaii police union president Tenari Ma’afala as the village idiot for his anti-same-gender-marriage and patently homophobic remarks last week...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Beware Parking On Private Roads
So why don’t the parking meters on that short Kaheka Street extension between Ala Moana Hotel and the shopping center honor handicap parking? Carol Egan...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Legislature’s Social Laggards
It’s become very clear from the polls (and especially polls of young voters) that the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and the legislators who are...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // What Exactly is ‘Hawaiiana’?
I was sitting in on a local school’s briefing on programs it hopes to fund for the coming years and one item was, “classes with...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Health Problems Of Zoo Elephants
There are about 290 elephants living in zoo captivity in the U.S. – two of them here. We’ve had nine over the years at our...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Demonstrators Or Public Nuisance?
Demonstrations – at government offices or on sidewalks, parks and beaches – are a distinctly Western “right,” either embedded in a constitution, in a statute...

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