A Problem With Caged Animal Shows

Moscow State Circus with tigers and trained dog acts is coming to the Blaisdell Arena in October.

That’s 20 years after the elephant Tyke killed a trainer there, escaped and was shot by police.

A Mainland lawyer is trying to have some animals given legal “personhood” to challenge their detention with a writ of habeas corpus.

There are arguments against that — our Biblical “dominion over beasts,” job loss and money for conservation programs.

The movie Blackfish details SeaWorld’s captive killer whales that go into depression from which their dorsal fins flop over.

“Personhood” for animals isn’t going to happen. What would work is legislation prohibiting the detention of wild animals except for food-fishing or zoos doing captive breeding.

SeaWorld Parks did an initial public offering and owner Blackstone sold 20 million shares for $505 million. Our Sea Life Park, owned by Palace Entertainment, does conservation work but mainly sells entertainment.

Examples: ADULTS 249.99 CHILDREN 249.99

This interactive program features two dolphins and can be summarized in two words: exhilarating and thrilling. An affectionate handshake and a kiss on the cheek prepare you for an exciting dorsal fin ride.

Dolphin Cove Show
They’ll jump, spin, flip and entertain you. Relax in our large, open-air theater and watch our dolphins perform some of the most breathtaking moves you have ever seen. We’ve designed the show to be educational, amusing and thrilling.

Kolohe Kai Sea Lion Show They’re smart, fast and funny! Sea lions are a delight to watch, and our show highlights them in all their acrobatic glory. Bring the whole family and prepare to laugh out loud as they entertain you.

Most courts have ruled that animals are not “persons” with standing to sue or have someone sue in their name. Animals have no rights under common law or our Constitution or statutes.

We raise and eat animals. We’re not likely to give a cow a right not to be killed. But wild-animal conservation programs should be able to fund themselves solely through foundation grants, not by putting their elephants, chimps, penguins, seals, sea lions or orcas on stage to amuse us.

How to deal with burgeoning homeless on streets and in parks. Less talk and more “let’s do it.”

1) Triage teams to determine need vs. “don’t wanna work” or “moved here from a cold climate.”

2) Priority to move families with children into Housing First.

3) Mandatory shelter or Weinberg Housing placement for able singles and couples. Mandatory psychiatric help for the “disabled.”

4) A tent-sanctuary for non-family others. Policed. Individual tents, not mass-sleeping tents.

5) Immediate confiscation of tents and belongings on public property. No exceptions.

Quit talking. Let’s do it!

My take on the Sgt. Beau Bergdahl matter: America tries to bring home every wartime soldier, alive or dead. Veto Baker (kumu hula Karl Baker’s brother) was AWOL in Vietnam when captured in 1975. We negotiated him home — to Mayor Wright Housing as a security guard.

Bergdahl’s back. Now we determine how he got captured.

Enough nonsense about “we shoulda left him there.”

In last week’s column I said that Independent Party lieutenant governor candidate Lester Chang had achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. His rank at retirement was colonel.

MW-Jones-061814-DenbybookIs it ethical for me to write about my wife Denby Fawcett’s new book, Secrets of Diamond Head?

Sure. You know me. If it were a loser I’d say so and suffer the consequences at home!

Lucky for me it’s very, very good. A Barbara Pope design, which makes all the difference.

Trail guide, geology, Hawaiian and military history, and failed efforts to despoil the place with buildings, a golf course and even a theme park. Most complete book to date about our iconic landmark. It’s distributed by UH Press.