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Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Melvin & Bailey Miyamoto
Bailey Miyamoto’s head leans on her owner and a slight smile appears on her face. She’s happy and content, oblivious that she’s this year’s 2014...

Jaimie Kim
Old Friends // Danny Kaleikini
The crinkles at the corners of his eyes that appear with every burst of laughter speak of the decades Danny Kaleikini has spent as an...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Money Management For Keiki
Did your mom and dad teach you that “money doesn’t grow on trees”? I remember hearing that more times than I can count on one...

Pamela Young
Applause // Good Samaritans Everywhere You Look
Aloha mai e Pamela, I took my sister to the ER at Kaiser Permanente-Moanalua to check on some discomfort in her abdomen. It turns out...

Ron Nagasawa
What's Next // Prom King
The day had finally come. Our 16-year-old daughter was going to go to her junior/senior prom. That’s not a bad thing except she was going...

Pamela Young
Applause // A Quick Thinking Day
Aloha Pamela, While on the Kaiser-Moanalua to Kaiser-Honolulu shuttle, I suffer from COPD, but never like this. A lady passenger refused to roll up her...

Nicole Kato
Good Neighbors // Hannah Carnes
Nineteen high school students from across the state serve on Hawaii Meth Project’s Teen Advisory Council in order to reach out to their peers by...

Mufi Hannemann
Island Matters // Saluting The Bravery Of A Young Warrior
It was Christmas Eve 2006, when the military vehicle in which Marine Master Sgt. Chris Jordan was blasted by a roadside bomb in Iraq. He...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Feeling Aloha At 40,000 Feet
I was not sad when Mesa announced that its inter-island airline go! was going away. I had so many negative feelings rooted in the wrenching...

Alison Young
Click Chick // Headphones Stay Put For Working Out
Onkyo recently launched its Trainer ES-BT1 Bluetooth headphones, and it was one of the treasures I found in the Gibson tent at this year’s Consumer...

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