Finding Time To Be Kind To Strangers

Hi Pamela,

You must think I’m pretty dense or a sucker about cars, since I have written several times about my car trouble. I got stuck again a half-block from my house by St. Louis Drive-In. I want to send another big MAHALO out to about three construction workers and two very generous guys hanging out at the drive-in who helped push my car back to my driveway, at a slight incline (which was a hardship on them!). Sorry, I didn’t get their names in all the hubbub. These guys had true aloha for someone in need, while others were reluctant to come forward. Hope they’ll all read this and know I genuinely appreciated their help!

Jackie Young

Dear Pamela,

I lost my wallet while on a bicycle tour with friends. When I got home, the security guard said two local girls and a guy dropped off my wallet (money, ID, credit cards intact). They did not leave their names, and I have no way to get in touch with them to thank them for their good deed.

To these three great Samaritans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Melvin Lau
Ala Moana

Dear Pamela,

After pulling a Redbox movie from the machine at Longs Waianae,I put it into my purse or maybe my shopping bag. When I got to my car, I realized I couldn’t find it! In a panic, I went back to Longs, but no one had seen the movie. I thought my $1.99 movie would now cost me $30. I called Redbox and they told me that someone had apparently found it and put it back into the machine. A big mahalo to the kind person who turned it in. May your movie days always be filled with fresh popcorn and many blessings!

Maralyn Kurshals
Waianae, Makaha

Dear Pamela,

On Veteran’s Day, I put on my retired-Navy cap and went to Mililani Town Center. A couple walking by stopped to shake myhand and thank me for my military service. The man then handed me a Walmart gift certificate. I was so surprised by this act of kindness that I didn’t even ask for their names before they walked away. I would like to send a big APPLAUSE and mahalo to this caring couple!

Stephen Mora

Aloha Pamela,

I had dinner at Haleiwa Joe’s with my nephew Kalani Ninomoto Jr., his wife Michelle and their son Aaron. When we had finished our meal, the waiter came and put plates of desserts down and said that somebody bought them for us – not just one plate of dessert, butthree. We were flabbergasted, then he tells us that our whole meal was paid for. We were more shocked. Dinner was awesome. This person requested to remain anonymous. So, thank you to whomever paid for our meal. There will be many blessings coming your way.

Elijah Martin

Dear Elijah, Stephen, Maralyn, Melvin and Jackie,

Just a few minutes, just a few dollars can make all the difference in the world. Your Anonymous Angels had plenty of both to spare you hardship and make your day less stressful.