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Mystery Shopper
MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Angela Campos Wins $150 Spree At Foodland
On a recent Thursday, Angela Campos needed to get some groceries, so she took a trip to Foodland in Waipio Gentry. As she made her...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // William Hrehocsik Wins A $150 Spree At City Mill
On Thursday, William Hrehocsik needed to get some home cleaning supplies, so he took a trip to City Mill in Mililani. As he made his...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Jessica Tafiti Wins A $150 Spree At Safeway Kapolei
On Wednesday, Jessica Tafiti was doing some last-minute grocery shopping at Safeway in Kapolei when MidWeek‘s representative spotted her leaving the store at 2:05 p.m....

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Norman Lee Wins A $150 Spree At Foodland
On Wednesday, Norman Lee and wife Shari were on their weekly shopping trip in Kapolei, when MidWeek‘s representative spotted the couple leaving Foodland at 1:45...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Darlene Cuaresma Wins A $150 Spree At Kmart
Darlene Cuaresma wanted to buy some of those popular rubber band Loom bracelets for her 7-year-old son, so last Thursday she went to Kmart in...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Melissa Okinishi Wins A $150 Spree At Simply Organized
On Thursday, Melissa Okinishi needed some organizational supplies for her bathroom, so she stopped in at Simply Organized at Kahala Mall. As she made her...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Irene Coronel Wins A $150 Shopping Spree At Shirokiya
On Monday, Irene Coronel went to Shirokiya for some snacks and a bento for dinner. After she made her purchase at 3:30 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Don Gonzaga Sr. Wins A $150 Spree At Fisher Hawaii
On Thursday, Don Gonzaga Sr. needed some office supplies, including a DVD case, pens and a magnifying glass, so he took a trip to Fisher...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Carolyn Uchiyama Wins A $150 Spree At Tamura’s
On Wednesday, Carolyn Uchiyama was at Tamura’s in Wahiawa to deliver flowers from her mom’s garden, when she decided to pick up some groceries for...

MidWeek Staff
Mystery Shopper // Lovey Chock Wins A $250 Spree At Safeway
On a recent Wednesday, Lovey Chock needed some groceries, so she took a trip to Safeway in Kaneohe. As she left the store at 3:30...

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