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Heart-y Chef
Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Zippy’s Joins In To Set ‘The Good Table’
Lanakila Pacific invites the public to purchase a one-of a-kind table offering, a memorable dining experience at The Good Table, Thursday, Oct. 3. Back for...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Raising The Bar On Healthy Snacks
Hannah Schauer Galli is gearing up to guest direct The Toxic Avenger from Sept. 12 to 29 at Manoa Valley Theatre. Hannah, who moved to...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Tossing Kale, Chard In A Super Salad
Valerie Monson was a new reporter at The Maui News in 1989 when she was sent to cover a story on the 100th anniversary of...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // A Cool Summertime Meal In A Salad
You could say salsa is a passion for Carol Blodgett. Carol was born and raised in Hawaii, and started her food service career in the...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Crisp, Golden Seafood Tofu Patties
Sample locally grown produce and delicious products made in Hawaii Aug. 16-18 at the Made in Hawaii Festival at Blaisdell Center. Celebrity chefs will host...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Meet Mary Mango, Kailua’s Super Tree
Mary is the name lifelong Kailua resident Steve Hayslip has given to the 45-year-old Mapalehu mango tree – first planted on Molokai by Joe Welch...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // May’s Makes Teri Chicken Easy, Tasty
May’s Hawaii started out in the 1950s as the Palama Meat Company and has grown to be a popular grocery store brand here in Hawaii...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Shrimp Stars In A Fresh Chopped Salad
Sheryl Sunia has the distinction of being the first female detective assigned to HPD’s homicide detail, where she spent eight years of her 29-year law...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // A Poifect Fish Stew From NuiKealoha
Hawaii is recognized throughout the culinary world for innovative cuisine that fuses a wide range of cultural influences. Across the Islands, chefs such as Robert...

Diana Helfand
Heart-y Chef // Open Sesame, Then Add To Mahimahi
Donna Festa, owner of Lanikai General Store, moved to Kailua from Boston 15 years ago to join her brother Bob, and worked with him at...

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