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Opera Gets Physical

A ghostly captain seeking redemption through true love, his female admirer, her jilted suitor, along with her money-driven dad and..

A Mixed Ride

Becky’s New Car at Manoa Valley Theatre idles a while before it gets revving, but once it’s in full throttle..

More Than Cute

YouTube sensation Aidan James finds his voice in his coming of age debut album, Live Again The problem with being..

Swans En Pointe

In a professional dancer’s career, only a select few attain top-ranking status as their company’s principal dancer. When I last..

Ushering in 2015

It’s a lively Baby New Year that’s come kicking and dancing onto the art scene, offering plenty of entertainment, even..

Self-Guided Art Tour

Oahu boasts art studios and artists a-plenty, but there’s no easy compilation of the locations, let alone one-on-one time with..

Pure Jake

Ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro reunites with some old buddies in what promises to be a night of “Pure” magic at..