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Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // The Birds, The Bees And … Termites?
Poetry has tackled every recess of our universe both physical and psychological. Though individual poets’ oeuvres tend to follow a single theme (nature, horror, the...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reincarnates
Hazardous slime, bully-cum-superhero, rock musical - that’s the stuff taking over Manoa Valley Theatre in its 45th season opener, with Toxic Avenger. The musical adaptation...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Warp and Weft of the Pacific Islands
“Weaving is universal. It is the base of life … oh, maybe too dramatic, but we use the word ‘weaving’ to describe all kinds of...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Witness The Overthrow
“At 5 o’clock today, troops (of largely U.S. citizens) marched down the street to Iolani Palace. They are currently over there behind Arion Hall (where...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Display of Woodwork Mastery
Local woodworking at its most exquisite is on display at the Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s annual Hawaii’s Woodshow, Na La’au o Hawai’i. Master woodworker and...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Showboat
Dear Diary, Last night, I saw a boatful of perfectly normal women erupt into fits of screaming, like teens at a Beatles concert or Brazilians...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Under A Haleiwa Sunset
Once a month, as nature sweeps its broad strokes of brilliant yellow and orange across the evening sky, a group of novice artists sit with...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Da Kine Shakespeare
Twelf Nite O Wateva!, with its legendary string of performances dating to the early ’70s, is coming to Mission Houses Museum. After the success of...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Sea Journey for Keiki
The void of shows directed toward keiki in Waikiki has its answer in a limited run of the enchanting Honu by the Sea. The show...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Kick Off Those Sunday Shoes
Here’s a bit of trivia: Footloose has Hawaii roots. It was our own Dean Pitchford, a Saint Louis School alum, who wrote the script and...

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