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Windward Oahu News
MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Windward Nominees To Military Colleges
Hawaii’s U.S. senators have announced their nominations to the military service academies, including Windward high school seniors who have survived a vigorous selection process. “The...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Kalaheo ‘Constituents’ Get Up To Speed On Bills
Thielen’s Turf…Rep. Cynthia Thielen Aloha, Kids do say the cutest things, especially at the Legislative Roadshow! “I learned that there is no clapping after testimony...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu News // Busekrus’ Creative Music Soars From Kailua To Outer Space
The Kailua-based band Busekrus will release its fourth album this week, and have they got a yarn to tell, literally. A band of the poppunk/rock...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Ho‘omaluhia Lei Classes This Month
Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden will offer several classes this month to prepare the community for lei-making season. Each class comes with a fee, and advanced reservations...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // It’s Batters Up At Hewett Field
The city parks department will honor Alice Hewett Saturday with a ceremony that dedicates Heeia Neighborhood Park’s ball field in her name. A resolution originating...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Fun ‘Fling’ Saturday At Kalaheo
Kalaheo PTSA’s Dollars for Scholars committee presents Spring Fling 2014 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday on the school field to boost its scholarship...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // See, Hear And Taste Kailua April 13 At The Annual Town Party
By PAIGE TAKEYA Twenty-two years later, and the block party is still going strong. The 2014 I Love Kailua Town Party, featuring a smorgasbord of...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Kailua High Firing Up Imu Pit For Easter Feasts
Two Kailua High School programs are offering to trade turkeys for a little cash this spring, and time is running out for imu fans to...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // Expert Help On How To Preserve Documents
Art conservationist Seth Irwin will speak to the community about how to preserve documents, books, photographs and maps at 1 p.m. today (April 2) in...

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu News // KIS’s Kagami Has ‘Promise’
By PAIGE TAKEYA Not all seventh-graders have a fully functional aquaponics set up in their classrooms. But it’s par for the course for the students...

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