Farming: Which Are ‘Important’ Ag Lands?

City planners want to know what stakeholders and the public consider Oahu’s “important” farmland, and they’re coming to Windward Oahu to listen from 5:30 to 8:30 April 15 in Hale Akoakoa 105 at Windward CC.

Community input is needed by the Department of Planning and Permitting in order to meet requirements to identify and map the island’s Important Agricultural Lands (IAL).

Determining factors will include: 1) Are they capable of producing sustained high agricultural yields when treated and managed according to accepted farming methods and technology? 2) Do they contribute to the state’s economic base, and produce agricultural commodities for export or local consumption? 3) Are they needed to promote the expansion of agricultural activities and income for the future, even if currently not in production?

The DPP anticipates completing the IAL maps by the end of this year, sending them to City Council and then to the Land Use Commission for final review and approval.

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