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Art & Stage
Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Belly Dance: A Global Phenomena
Local belly dance collective Shakti’s Den is hosting award-winning San Francisco tribal fusion belly dance founder Jill Parker for a series of workshops in Honolulu....

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Baring Your Life In Print
In the opening pages of Sharon L. Hicks’ memoir focused around her mother’s mental illness, How Do You Grab a Naked Lady?, young Sharon is...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Paying It Forward
Former UH tech professor R.W. “Buddy” Burniske believed his mom had artistic talent, so he’d take her to the Honolulu Art Museum and point at...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Adieu, President Jeff Portnoy
After dedicating many years to serving as president of the board of directors of Manoa Valley Theatre, attorney Jeffrey Portnoy is retiring … for the...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // ART of the SWORD
Anyone who grew up watching old black-and-white samurai movies, such as Seven Samurai, will enjoy the updated anime incarnation Samurai 7. Both feature similar plot...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Hawaii Welcomes Blue Man
When Chris Smith showed up for an audition with Blue Man Group, he had never seen the show. He had the skill set, being an...

Rasa Fournier
Kumu Kahua Theatre has done it again. Sound and Beauty (through June 30, 536-4441, is another brilliantly acted, spellbinding show that leaves you thinking...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Linking Ancient and Modern
Like a giant hive comprised of myriad honied chambers of knowledge, Bishop Museum is an invaluable storehouse of information on ancient Hawaiian culture and traditions....

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Bustling Nighttime Bazaar
Nothing – not the Thursday night rush hour traffic, nor the lack of easy parking – deters adventurous shoppers, browsers and anyone looking for some...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Witnessing The Nanjing Massacre
The two-day Hawaii Book & Music Festival is coming to town, and with it a star-speckled array of more than 500 of Hawaii’s most notable...

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