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Art & Stage
Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // 3-D Treats
Upstairs at Pegge Hopper Gallery (1164 Nuuanu Ave., are the renowned artist’s familiar paintings of reclining voluptuous Hawaiian women. It’s not a vacation sort...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // From Hawaii To Ray Donovan (With Love)
Everyone is telling him, ‘You have to hate these people, they’re bad.’ But racism just flies past his head.” Hawaii actor Kalama Epstein, 13 –...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Bygone Art: Foundry Patterns
Hello, industrial East Coast of a century past. Stand Up Eight’s unique art installation “Before the Before” by Dineh Moghdam Davis offers a rare visit...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Families: Hate ‘Em, Love ‘Em
The blue ribbon, prize garden award goes to … Kumu Kahua Theatre for Flowers of Hawaii. Expert cultivation requires quality seeds, prime soil and growing...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Tartuffe Hits The Classic Spot
Tartuffe. It’s French, it’s a classic, it’s by the great Jean-Baptiste Poquelin and the word does come off sounding rather onomatopoetic. Haven’t heard of Poquelin?...

Tannya Joaquin
Art & Stage // Austria, The Vacation Nation
Austria has many claims to fame. It’s the birthplace of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the hills are still alive with The Sound of Music,...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Alice Drops Into Mamiya
When it comes to casting a play at Sacred Hearts, Mamiya Theatre manager Kyle Kakuno recruits boys from any number of private and public schools...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Pop-up Theater
Ever since The Fringe got its edgy, alternative, off-Broadway groove on half a century ago in Edinburgh, Fringe theater festivals have been popping up all...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // A Many-Splendored Costume Selection
The cavernous warehouse below Diamond Head Theatre, home to decades of costume innovation, is strung with row upon row of calico, plaid, swirled, dotted, glittery,...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // HIFF 2013: Talkin’ About Culture
Topnotch Hawaiian, Asian and European films – more than 200 of them, from 42 countries – along with many of the people who make and...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // ‘The Heiress’: An Inside Look
It all starts with a word: Audition. A thrill rumbles through anyone who’s been onstage as they glance over the title, the description, the characters....

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Balloon Critters
If seeing the wonder in a child’s eye is the quintessence of life-affirming goodness, then there’s plenty to go around when Austin Morgan dons his...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // The Birds, The Bees And … Termites?
Poetry has tackled every recess of our universe both physical and psychological. Though individual poets’ oeuvres tend to follow a single theme (nature, horror, the...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // ‘Toxic Avenger’ Reincarnates
Hazardous slime, bully-cum-superhero, rock musical - that’s the stuff taking over Manoa Valley Theatre in its 45th season opener, with Toxic Avenger. The musical adaptation...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Warp and Weft of the Pacific Islands
“Weaving is universal. It is the base of life … oh, maybe too dramatic, but we use the word ‘weaving’ to describe all kinds of...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Witness The Overthrow
“At 5 o’clock today, troops (of largely U.S. citizens) marched down the street to Iolani Palace. They are currently over there behind Arion Hall (where...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Display of Woodwork Mastery
Local woodworking at its most exquisite is on display at the Hawaii Forest Industry Association’s annual Hawaii’s Woodshow, Na La’au o Hawai’i. Master woodworker and...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Showboat
Dear Diary, Last night, I saw a boatful of perfectly normal women erupt into fits of screaming, like teens at a Beatles concert or Brazilians...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Under A Haleiwa Sunset
Once a month, as nature sweeps its broad strokes of brilliant yellow and orange across the evening sky, a group of novice artists sit with...

Rasa Fournier
Art & Stage // Da Kine Shakespeare
Twelf Nite O Wateva!, with its legendary string of performances dating to the early ’70s, is coming to Mission Houses Museum. After the success of...


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