Usage-based Auto Insurance

By Ernest H. Fukeda Jr.
President & CEO of DTRIC Insurance Group

This has been an exciting year for DTRIC Insurance Group. In addition to celebrating our 20th anniversary, we also were proud earlier this month to launch Akamai Rater, Hawaii’s first usage-based insurance program. What better way to celebrate a milestone in our company’s history than by being the first insurance company to introduce a new and innovative auto product to Hawaii!

Akamai Rater will put Hawaii drivers in control of their auto insurance rate. Using a small, in-vehicle telecommunications device, information on how a vehicle is driven is collected and used to correlate driving behavior with insurance rates.


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Not only does it personalize your auto insurance, it also rewards safe drivers appropriately with bigger discounts, creating an overall fairer insurance system. And an even bigger benefit is that drivers will now have the ability to review and modify their driving habits, creating safer roads for everyone.

DTRIC is proud to be the first to bring this type of cutting-edge technology to Hawaii, as we believe it will revolutionize how business is done in the auto insurance industry. And while it may seem out-of-the-box, it’s important to note that usage-based insurance is already widely used in Europe, where some vehicles are manufactured with similar devices built-in.

Our company is no stranger to innovation. Since our establishment in 1992, we’ve embraced every opportunity to develop creative products and services that are both competitive and provide added value to our customers. Our founder and executive chairman, Ron Toyofuku, has always had this vision for our company: To grow as a dynamic insurance company with integrity, sound decision-making, an entrepreneurial spirit and with caring for our customers and employees.

Twenty years later, we continue to perpetuate that vision as we guide DTRIC into the future. We are extremely proud that DTRIC Insurance Group is celebrating this milestone anniversary with Akamai Rater, a new program that is at the forefront of a trend across the insurance industry nation- and worldwide. And we’re very pleased to be able to offer Hawaii drivers even more choices when it comes to auto insurance.

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