Letters to the Editor

It’s disloyalty
How can Jerry Coffee perpetuate this “birther” nonsense when Barack Obama was born right here in Honolulu? I know someone whose twins were in the Kapiolani Hospital nursery at the very same time. There is plenty of other evidence, including two birth notices that appeared in the local papers at that time. What’s wrong with the birth certificate that has been provided by the Hawaii Department of Health? Even Republican Gov. Linda Lingle vouched for the state-issued birth certificate.

And what “write-up” touting Obama as being born in Kenya does Mr. Coffee refer to? I know of no such statement.

Mr. Coffee’s disloyalty to our nation and to our president is very offensive to me. His articles contain no sense at all. The birther nonsense has been completely disproven, and his perpetuation of this lie is ridiculous. I’m sure he is evidence-proof on this issue.

Henry B. Chapin Honolulu

Sad fulminations
While I respect Jerry Coffee for his service and sacrifice for our country, it is sad to see this grumpy old man continue to fulminate on the non-issue of Barrack Obama’s birthplace. At the least, he slanders many good employees of the Department of Health. Mr. Coffee and other conservatives ought to spend more time coming up with workable solutions to our nation’s troubles, of which they seem incapable.

I cannot help but wonder if he and his “birther” ilk would behave in such a way if this president were 100 percent Caucasian instead of 50 percent. Regardless, columns such as this one tarnish his legacy as a patriot.

Linda Yamashita Honolulu

One big issue
This is about Dan Boylan’s column “Other Big Issues Besides Rail.” He does have a point: “It appears we will limit our discussion to rail.” But please permit me to elaborate on this. Yes, of course, we will have to limit our discussion on this subject. It is way too important for us on our small island to concentrate on anything else – wars, global warming, spoiling our environment, unacceptable national debt and many more. What influence do we have on those? None.

But in what seems to be a close race for mayor, each vote will count in stopping an absurd monstrosity shrieking from 4 a.m. to midnight every day. Are we ready to transfer Chicago and the Bronx here and spoil Hawaii nei forever – that is, until our grandkids tear that ugly thing down and ask the question, “What the (bleep) ever possessed those people to build it?”

Gerhard C. Hamm