Topshop and Topman at Nordstrom


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Kaiea Bosgra: Topman collared shirt $56, denim vest $90, skinny chino $60, backpack $64, hat $32

British fashion brand Topshop and Topman is now available at 14 select Nordstrom stores and on, including Nordstrom Ala Moana. Nordstrom is the only large U.S. retailer to sell a broad assortment of the trendy Topshop and Topman merchandise instore and online, including limited-edition items created especially for Nordstrom. The Topshop and Topman departments feature mannequins, visual merchandising and store fixtures supplied from the U.K.

Topshop and Topman have flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles (opening spring 2013), and its own U.S. designated websites, and

Featured here are some of the latest Topshop and Topman fashions available at Nordstrom. For more information, call 953-6100.