The Joy In Making A Difference

Aloha Pamela,

I would like to send some APPLAUSE to all the amazing volunteers, hardworking committee members, generous business owners and sponsors, musicians and others who so kindly donated their time, effort, talent, service, goods and money to Sounding Joy Music Therapy’s 10th anniversary benefit, “Kani Ka ‘Oli” concert brunch.

The event was so beautiful in every way! It nourished our mind and body through a delicious brunch and memorable music in the beautiful atmosphere of the Mission Houses Museum grounds.

You all made it happen and are making a huge difference in people’s lives! Mahalo!

Keiko Kajiwara
Sounding Joy of Music Therapy

Dear Keiko,

Congratulations on SJMT raising more than $10,000 at your anniversary event. And another round of APPLAUSE goes to all those who enable you to provide underserved children and adults with therapy through the healing power of music.

Dear Pamela,

My husband and I drove down from Waialua for a dinner date at Ruby Tuesday in Mililani Town Center. It was extremely busy that night, but our server was cheerful and attentive. He continually updated us on our order and checked that our needs were met. We had a great meal and left just prior to the restaurant closing.

My husband and I then proceeded to Times Supermarket before heading 20 miles back home. It was pouring rain, so we attempted to wait it out in the car for a few minutes. It was then that I reached for my cell phone to find it missing.

I panicked while trying to recall the last place I saw it, fearing it was long gone. My husband used his phone to call it, hoping we would hear the ring and find it buried in my handbag or car. A young man answered, stating he just heard it ringing from underneath the dinner table.

The young man happened to be our top-notch server. He then offered to hold it until we could return. I let him know we would be right over to pick it up.

After pulling up to the front of the restaurant, this young man ran right out to my window, saving me from the torrential downpour that had continued. I was not only relieved to have my phone returned, but was fortunate to remain dry in the process. He truly earned his tip that night and then some. I regret that I did not get his name, but I would like to commend Ruby Tuesday on its outstanding staff member – a great server and honest gentleman. A big mahalo to you!

Jilleen Charette

Dear Jilleen,

Chanon Cabico is the Ruby Tuesday server responsible for getting the phone back to you. “I was not surprised when I found out it was Chanon, as he always goes above and beyond to take care of all of his guests,” says Ruby Tuesday Mililani general manager Shannon McClung. “We are very proud to have Chanon as a part of our team.”

Aloha Pamela,

I always wait for my MidWeek from my mail carrier weekly. It is great that you have this article because we can share experiences of kindness that we have here in Hawaii.

My daily thought every day when I wake up is that I do a good deed no matter how small it is. I am a country music lover, and there is a song, Chain of Love, sung by Clay Walker. Every time I hear his song it brings tears to my eyes. Everyone should listen to this song, ’cause that is what APPLAUSE is all about.

Betty M. Tsukiyama

Dear Betty,

What a wonderful song! The lyrics are quite lengthy, so I encourage everyone to Google Chain of Love by Clay Walker to get the full story. Here’s the chorus:

“You don’t owe me a thing, I’ve been there too.

Someone once helped me out just the way I’m helping you

If you really want to pay me back here’s what you do

Don’t let the chain of love end with you.”