Recipe Ideas For Kids’ Meals

A new book by Gwendolyn Trowbridge, Hawaii’s Baby & Toddler Cookbook, should give a nutritious boost to the kitchens of young parents, at the same time it benefits a Leeward farm operation.

Trowbridge, a former Ko Olina resident, has pledged to give 40 percent of her book-sale proceeds to MA’O Farms, an innovative Waianae organic farm run by Leeward Community College students.

Local chefs – who are also parents of young children – have contributed recipes under the author’s direction that present fresh local foods as tempting treats to nurture good eating habits in keiki. According to her publisher, Trowbridge believes that daily experience around the dining table is important, because it’s where both family memories and good nutrition from home-cooked meals are generated.

The 180-page book is wire-bound in soft cover and sells for $15.95 from Mutual Publishing of Honolulu. For more information, call 732-1709.