Students Share Taiko ‘Lessons’ At Pearl City Cultural Center

Pacific Buddhist Academy students presented the sixth annual Taiko Festival, Lessons of the Bamboo, last month at Pearl City Cultural Center.

Pacific Buddhist Academy

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Pacific Buddhist Academy students performed their sixth annual Taiko Festival, Lessons of the Bamboo, at Pearl City Cultural Center last month. Pictured (front, from left) are Erin Goya, Shelby Tadaki, Kaci Yamato, Chika Matsumoto, Jolie Kushimi, (middle) Joel Itomura, Reina Chinen, (back) Megan Sakata, Skyler Nishiyama and Jay Toyofuku. For more on the festival, see Page 6. Photo from Pacific Buddhist Academy.

The event showcased various student performances in the ancient art of taiko, as well as modern arts. The taiko pieces were designed to convey the virtues of strength, flexibility, endurance and resiliency.

“The students have learned these virtues through their study of taiko and have deepened their understanding of who they are and how they respond to life’s challenges,” said the academy’s sensei Jay Toyofuku.

The art of taiko is an integral part of the school’s curriculum, and the entire student body participated in the event.