New Roadways Expected To Increase Connectivity, Jobs

The city announced last month the completion of six new roadways in Kapolei, which include an extension on Kapolei Parkway, as well as new sections of Manawai Street, Kamaaha Avenue, Wakea Street, Alohikea Street and Kuou Street.

Construction on the roadways began in 2008, and the project was a partnership between the city and Kapolei Property Development, which is an affiliate of the James Campbell Company.

Developers hope that the new roadways will improve connectivity, reduce traffic and stimulate job creation. The city spent $4.75 million for the Kapolei Parkway extension, and Kapolei Property Development spent about $20 million for construction on all of the revised roadways.

Mayor Carlisle opened the roads in a March dedication ceremony following the project’s completion. Carlisle believes that the new roadways will help to support Kapolei’s continuing growth.

“Kapolei is Oahu’s second city, bustling with growth, commerce and opportunity,” he said. “Kapolei Parkway is an important thoroughfare that the community depends on, so the completion of this extension is great news.”

According to Chris Takashige, the deputy director of the city Department of Design and Construction, the new roads now provide a more direct connection from residential areas, including Ewa, the Villages of Kapolei, Kalaeloa and Mehana, to various job centers.

Takashige explained that the new roadways also improve the connection to the H-1 Freeway and Kapolei Parkway by way of Wakea Street and to the other regional job centers, including Campbell Industrial Park, Ko Olina Resort and the forthcoming UH West Oahu.

Carlisle noted that in addition, the new roadways also provide access to 34 acres of city property along the road. He feels that the use of this land will ultimately improve mobility and provide additional services to the public.

The city currently is assessing potential uses for the land. Takashige said that one use that has already been determined is a five-acre mass transit center at the corner of Kapolei Parkway and Kamaaha Avenue, which will serve as the region’s bus hub and also is slated to be a future station for rail transit.

“These new roads do more than just improve traffic flow,” said Richard Dahl, CEO of the James Campbell Company. “These roads stimulate job creation. By providing access to the commercial lots in the City of Kapolei, these roads attract additional investment and encourage companies to locate their businesses in Kapolei.”

Lands available along the roadway include areas for potential future development. Takashige said that some development projects are already under way, including retail facility Kapolei Village Center, which is slated to open this summer, and senior care center Leihano.

The city and Kapolei Property Development estimate that the upcoming development in the area could generate about 27,000 jobs in the next 15 years, with the city of Kapolei accounting for about half of that total.