‘Smash-and-grab’ Theft Alert

Editor’ s note: The following is part of a report sent by Gale Minton of the District 4 Community Policing Team to Neighborhood Security Watch members and others and is edited here for space and clarity.

Here are crime statistics for the week ending Sept. 15.

Sector 1/Waimanalo: No burglaries or agriculture thefts reported.

Sector 2/Kailua: Two burglaries occurred. An A‘alapapa Drive residence in Lanikai was entered via an unlocked door. An ATM was stolen from a Kailua restaurant.

Sector 3/Kaneohe: Three burglaries occurred, all between 6 a.m. and 4:10 p.m. Entry was made via louvered windows in two cases and by cutting a window screen. Burglaries were on Miomio, Mapumapu and Halemanu streets. One possible suspect was described as a thin, local Caucasian man in his 20s, on a black moped.

Sector 4/ Kahuku: No residential burglaries reported. One commercial burglary occurred when a storage shed at Turtle Bay was broken into.

Unauthorized entry to motor vehicle
Sector 1: Two cars were broken into, at Waimanalo Trailhead and Makapuu Beach Park.

Sector 2: Eight vehicles broken into, six of them in Lanikai, one at an Olomana Trailhead and one on Mokapu Boulevard. At least four were smash-and-grabs. A possible suspect was described as heavy-set local male in a 4-door silver Nissan sedan.

Sector 3: Seven cars were broken into in Kaneohe. Four were unlocked when entered. They occurred at Mawaena, Kahuhipa, Lulani, Kuma- kua, Po‘okela, Kionaole and Lihikai. Three of the unlocked cars were parked in residential driveways.

The good news is that statistics went down this past week. The bad news is that 17 places were burglarized and 41 cars were broken into in a two-week period. These crimes affected at least 58 lives!

Please, folks, continue with the EYES and EARS. Mahalo for the good reporting that has been coming in!!! Aloha and be safe.