Seasonal Stores Arrive At Mall

Windward Mall will welcome three holiday tenants as well as a brand-new kiosk over the next few months.

Hali Hali Rides promises to keep children ages 3-9 entertained via mechanical animal rides, including dinosaurs, unicorns, zebras and more. The kiosk, which opened in August, charges $3.50 for a five-minute ride and $5 for a 10-minute ride. It requests that parents or guardians accompany children.

Simply Halloween, now open in the lower level of the Macy’s wing, has a supply of costumes and accessories for all ages, as well as spooky decorations and other items for the popular holiday.

Go!Calendars Go!Games is opening next to Aeropostale. It will help shoppers get ready for Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion, with its stock of calendars, games, kites, Lego products and other novelties.

Lastly, See’s Candies will have a kiosk near Center Court in November, selling its classic sweet treats and chocolates.

For more information, call the mall at 235-1143.