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 When life gives 12-year-old Nainoa Tindle lemons, he doesn’t just make lemonade — he makes a difference. The lemonade stand he operates outside of his Mānoa home started as an entrepreneurial business whenhewas5asawayto make his own money, but eventually transformed into a philanthropic venture. Since 2020, his nonprofit has helped organizations such as Toys For Tots, Shriners Children’s Hawai‘i and, most recently, Make-A-Wish Hawai‘i.
Wish Hawai‘i’s annual holiday fundraiser, Jingle Rock Run.
and his parents collected 4,200 letters for the campaign and raised $8,400.
“I like what they do. It not only helps the kid emotionally, but it also can help them re- cover by giving more courage to fight the disease they have,” says Nainoa.
Wish Kids program, Nainoa Tindle
and CEO of Make-A-Wish Hawai‘i, with a
Nainoa returns the senti- ment saying his parents are his role models because they set a good example for him. Another person he looks up to is his music teacher, Mr. Shimizu, who he considers a mentor in more than just oboe, but also in life.
Through the Kids for Wish Kids program, Nainoa set the ambitious goal of raising $12,500 — after hearing that was the cost of an average wish — and surpassed it by donating $19,263 to Make-A- Wish Hawai‘i.
After raising funds through the Kids for
presents Trini Kaopuiki Clark, president
check for $19, 263. PHOTO COURTESY TINDLE ‘OHANA
The Hawai‘i Baptist Acad- emy seventh-grader plans to continue conducting fundrais- ers each year.
“The fun run was pretty in- credible because a lot of those kids (from Make-A-Wish Ha- wai‘i) came,” says Nainoa.
“We are so grateful to Nainoa for his impressive fundraising efforts to trans- form the lives of keiki with critical illnesses,” says Trini
He also secured triple matches for the money raised
has always had a giving heart. Not only in things, but also in encouragement. That’s the kid he’s always been.”
from local businesses to assist him in reaching his goal.
Kaopuiki Clark, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish Hawai‘i. “This young philan- thropist has a heart for help- ing others and his kindness and generosity are inspiring. Nainoa has an incredibly bright future — we’re excited to see all the good he does in the world.”
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Nainoa got the whole com- munity involved to help sup- port his mission. He invited his friends to sell lemonade to hikers on their way to Mānoa Falls Trail, and held another lemonade stand at Make-A-
In addition, Nainoa utilized Macy’s Believe letter writing campaign, where every letter received for Santa meant $2 being donated to his cause. He emailed principals of local schools asking for their par- ticipation and then dropped off letters from those who re- sponded. As a result, Nainoa
“Even the smallest amount does make a difference,” he concludes.
Hartwell adds, “I’m aston- ished at his perseverance and his ability to push through and just accomplish something he sets his goal to. He is a lofty goal setter.”
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Photo courtesy Tindle ‘ohana
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Nainoa’s mother, Lisa Hart- well, agrees. “He certainly
Nainoa’s Make-A-Wish Hawai‘i fundraising page is still open, and can be found at
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