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              Feeding Famished Kitties With Love
MAY 10, 2023 MIDWEEK 7
organization, Poi Dogs and Popoki, an all-volunteer pet rescue. We found three new- born kittens in our trash bin. How they got there is a mys- tery. They were crying for food so I called Poi Dogs and Popoki. Within two hours a woman showed up. The first thing she did was feed the kit- tens some formula. We were all concerned they were starv- ing. Then she took them and later informed me they had a foster home.
Go to their website poidog- to donate if you are an animal lover.
Dianne Tokujo Waipahu
Dear Dianne,
We sure do appreciate our animal lovers! Poi Dogs and Popoki and its volunteer foster families are selfless individuals who open their hearts and homes to Ha- wai‘i’s houseless animals. They dedicate their energy and love to raising and nur- turing them until they find their forever homes. I often receive letters from people who have found litters of kittens, so Alicia Maluafiti,
volunteer board president for Poi Dogs and Popoki, has some tips to share with our community.
becoming a foster family, email adoptions@poidog- or call 808-551-7915. And remem- ber — don’t just rescue the kittens. Mommy needs to be sterilized to avoid giving birth to that next litter of kit- tens in as little as four to five months!”
Is there someone you’d like to thank? Mail letters to MidWeek c/o Mahalo Nui at 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Ste. 7-500, Honolulu HI 96813, or email mahalonuiwithdar- Include your name, where on the island you reside, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of the person you’ re thanking.
ear Darah,
I want to give a big mahalo to a great
She says, “Good Samar- itans frequently find new- born kittens and immedi- ately rescue them because they think mommy aban- doned them. So, first rule of thumb: Leave the kittens. They have a better chance at survival when they are with their mom.
I am so very grateful to them. This could have turned into a tragedy if not for them.
“Are kittens clean and
“With kitten season upon us, the need for fos- ter families is overwhelm- ing. If you’ re interested in
“Questions to ask your- self: Is Mom around? Mom- my might be moving kittens to a safe spot or she might be out looking for food and water. Make sure kittens are safe from other ani- mals, sheltered from rain or sun, and away from roads.
Poi Dogs and Popoki stepped up by helping this mother and her litter of kittens.
Monitor kittens for 24 hours before doing anything unless they are in immediate dan- ger. Mommy might be gone for several hours but we want kittens to be raised on mommy’s milk to have the best start at a healthy life.
quiet or dirty and crying? The longer a kitten is with- out Mom, the greater the chance you may have to in- tervene.
Nominee: _________________________________________________________________
Mynomineeworksat: ______________________________________________________
My nominee provided care to me (or my loved one) during ________________(month/year)
Select one:
O Assisted Living Facility
O Home Health Agency
O Medical Equipment Supplier O Skilled Nursing Facility
(must be Jan. 1, 2018 or later)
O Community Health Center O Hospice
O Medical Office/Clinic
O Other
O Hospital O Pharmacy
 My name: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________
Why is this person your Hawaii Healthcare Hero? You will be asked by HAH to sign a patient waiver form after we receive your entry. Attach 500 words or less and mail to:
707 Richards St., PH2 Honolulu, HI 96813
or nominate online at or by phone (808) 533-HERO (4376)

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