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            Say What?
HAWAI‘I’S FAVORITE MEDIA SURVEY By Yu Shing Ting Do you think vaccinated people
should get special privileges?
 Ihad somewhat of a rude awakening the other day. Upon opening some mail, there was an offer for me to participate in a trial using some kind of new hearing aid technology. First of all, what gave them the right to question my hearing ability? It was pretty presumptive if they sent it due to my age. Then again, maybe they called and spoke to my wife or daughter.
    This past Christmas, one of the best gifts I received from them was a surround sound speaker system to go with an insanely low-priced Black Friday television. I’ve never had surround sound in my house, so I was totally elated. I set it up immediately and downloaded a movie, Dunkirk, in which I knew there would be explosions, gunfire and mayhem to properly test my sound system.
Kaka‘ako, Nonprofit Co-director
“No. It doesn’t mean you will not get the virus or
be a carrier. It just means you are lessening the effects. We should all still be careful and take care of each other.”
Mānoa, Warehouse Clerk
“No. I think we still need to be more careful.”
Makiki, Pool Attendant
“No. The virus is still here. Even if you got the vaccine, you can still get it and infect people.”
Nu‘uanu, Research Coordinator
“Yes, to travel interisland.”
It was well into the evening when I started watching, and my wife and daughter went to bed, leaving me with my new toys. I suddenly turned into one of those guys you hate that drive around with their enhanced car stereo blasting so loud that all your clothes vibrate.
 Ron Nagasawa
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      Alice Inoue
 THearing Vs. Listening
he ability to listen is one of the greatest gifts we can give to others, yet in our current rush-rush world, listening is a true act of
 discipline. Think about it: When others are talking, we basically wait for them to finish so we can talk, especially when we want something from them.
 In any conversation, putting aside our needs and taking a moment to care about other people’s prior- ities fosters mutually rewarding connections. The magic in listening to someone is that the brain can’t tell the difference between being listened to and be- ing loved. It’s incredible to know that something so simple holds so much power.
Both wife and daughter came out several times to ask me to turn it down. Initially I would, but then I would slowly crank it up every time Tom Hardy got into an aerial dogfight. The next thing I knew, my brother who lives just down the road called and told me to turn down my TV!
    This was the first major sign that maybe I needed to check my hearing. The second sign was at a Longs Drugs pharmacy. I had to pick up some iron supplements, as a recent blood test showed I was approaching anemia. There were several people in line wearing masks and, of course, social distancing.
Behind me was a guy maybe 10 years older than me. He seemed to recognize me and spoke through his mask. “Eh, you’re the MidWeek guy, right?” At least that’s what I thought he said, as I couldn’t clearly hear him. When I replied that I was, he couldn’t hear me either. Out of friendly curiosity, I asked why he was there. I thought he said, “I have a vagina.”
I stood there dumbfounded and said, “Excuse me?” He spoke up and said, “I have angina!” and then he asked me why I was there. I shouted back, “I might have anemia!” He laughed and repeated what he thought I said. “An enema? I hate those!” Clearly, we had a failure to communicate.
So, there we were, a couple of hard-of-hearing old guys trying to have a friendly conversation in Longs. Thank goodness my daughter wasn’t there, or I’d never hear the end of it. If I could hear, that is.

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