Outdoor Circle Teaming Up With Kailua Eateries

The Outdoor Circle (TOC) has launched a unique fundraiser that should benefit six Windward restaurants and support the nonprofit group’s environmental efforts at the same time.

A Circle Dining Experience is on now through Nov. 30, offering four redeemable food vouchers and a one-year TOC membership for an $80 donation. Each voucher is good for one evening appetizer at Kalapawai Cafe, Bella Bistro, Baci Bistro, Cactus, Uahi Island Grill or Zia’s Cafe (in Kaneohe).

“We expect this to be a delightful experience for people to enjoy our lovely downtown Kailua and Kaneohe areas,” stated TOC board members Diane Harding and Steve Mechler, “while supporting the great work TOC does in keeping Hawaii clean, green and beautiful.”

Tickets are available at outdoorcircle.org and half the cost is tax-deductible. Vouchers and membership applications will be mailed to contributors. Reservations are recommended.

Each restaurant offers a variety of choices in appetizers, ranging from Maui Onion Soup Gratinee from Kalapawai Cafe to large Local Squash Croquetas at Cactus and Calamari Rings with Parmesan Pepper Aioli from Uahi Island Grill.