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We all have our favorite things – whether it’s in your closet, on a bookshelf, in your CD player or simply something you just can’t live without. Still Christmas shopping? We asked some of our favorite celebrities what their favorite things are, resulting in a great list of gift ideas. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season filled with love, laughter and, what the heck, some amazing gifts too!


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Brian Yang
Actor who plays the role of Charlie Fong on Hawaii Five-0

FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET Aside from one of the aloha shirts I'm always wearing in the show? It's probably one of the T-shirts I have from Epic Props (www.epicprops.com/menstees.php). I'm a T-shirt and jeans (shorts) kind of guy, usually. Their shirts are comfortable, creative and usually pay homage to something that warrants a comment by someone on the street. The one I'm wearing right now says Be Like Water. Bonus points to anyone who can guess where that's from.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY I'm loving my ties right now from a line called Bo - a line that's based out of New York City. Bo's ties are hip and fashion-forward, and this skinny plaid tie I have from him is one I love wearing right now. I picked it up in NYC at a boutique shop, but anyone can order online off their website (www.boclothing.com) and they deliver to your door, even to Hawaii!

FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT Anything by Kiehl's is great, and recently for my birthday my friend who works in the industry gifted me a ton of stuff, from which I'm really liking the facial fuel. Gotta wash the face at the end of the day, that's a must.

FAVORITE BOOK I love this author Ed Lin and his latest, One Red Bastard, continues to cement him as one of the best storytellers I've ever come across.

FAVORITE CD My Hall & Oates Greatest Hits album. I worship the ground they sing on. Seen them 30-plus times. No joke.

FAVORITE DVD Don't let the title fool you. Pick up the DVD of the movie The People I've Slept With off of Amazon. A fun rom-com with an edgy twist! Randall Park may be the funniest man out there right now.

SOMETHING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT If you travel a lot like I do, especially internationally, how can one live without a Slingbox? One of the greatest pieces of technology ever invented.

WHAT ONE THING DO YOU OWN THAT YOU THINK EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD SHOULD HAVE? Everyone really should have a Skunklight flashlight (skunklights.com). I'm from NYC, where I just experienced Hurricane Sandy firsthand, and oddly enough, a couple days before it, there was a tsunami warning here in Hawaii that I also was in the middle of. You never know when Mother Nature will unleash on you, so having a Skunklight on your keychain or by your side always will at least take care of needing light in the dark. It uses cutting-edge LED lights, and so they're the most powerful flashlights I've ever seen, and yet they're tiny enough to be totally easy to carry around. Let your inner Boy Scout out and get one.
Photo courtesy Brian Yang