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We all have our favorite things – whether it’s in your closet, on a bookshelf, in your CD player or simply something you just can’t live without. Still Christmas shopping? We asked some of our favorite celebrities what their favorite things are, resulting in a great list of gift ideas. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season filled with love, laughter and, what the heck, some amazing gifts too!


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Anuhea Jenkins

FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR CLOSET Probably just a basic fedora... for stage or play. I also love my Missing Polynesia dresses! It fits my body type and has beautiful island flair.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY My long silver chain Tahitian pearl necklace with my name engraved on the black pearl. It was a gift from Cheeky Jewelry. It elongates my torso (or so I like to think) and matches any outfit!

FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT Olay facial moisturizer... before bed and before makeup. Also, my lash extensions from Mimo Beauty! No need makeup when you got beautiful long lashes.

FAVORITE CD Jack Johnson Brushfire Fairytales.



WHAT ONE THING DO YOU OWN THAT YOU THINK EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD SHOULD HAVE? A MacBook laptop computer. It keeps you in the loop of this day and age, and has easy-to-use programs like iMovie and Garageband that can help you be creative.
Photo courtesy Anuhea Jenkins