OTS ‘Roadeo’ Winners Will Head To National Competitions

Each year, the Oahu Transit Services Inc. (OTS) Roadeo brings together bus operators who battle it out in full obstacle courses, timed runs and intricate maneuvers — all while operating a 35-foot bus.

This year, 18 participants put their skills to the test at TheBus Pearl City facility.

Douglas Rego took first place in the Bus Roadeo, with Paul Fernandez and Justin Handa taking second and third places, respectively.


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Douglas Rego of TheBus. Photos courtesy Oahu Transit Services Inc.

Meanwhile, Ginger Kalamau took first place in TheHandi-Van Roadeo (as she did in 2013), with Rex DeJesus and George Pusins taking second and third place in the category, respectively.

Brian Lowery, Lonn Nakata and Richard Takeuchi made up the first-place team for the Maintenance Roadeo. In fact, this team won first place in the local competition back in 2013 and placed first in the ABS brake national competition.

Constantine Benemerito, Ronald Domenden and David Kaya made up the second-place team, while Tatum Bautista, Keith Yanagi and Michael Sugimoto took third place.

First-place winners in the Bus Roadeo and Maintenance Roadeo will go on to compete in the American Public Transportation Association tourney in Texas next year.

Kalamau will compete in the 2015 national competition presented by the Community Transportation Association of America in Florida.