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Opala Men, EMS, Handivan Due Praise

Dear Pamela,

I would like to give a shout-out to the consistently good work of our Makiki garbage collectors.

Through the years I have noticed they pick up everything, including, I am sure, much that is beyond their scope of duty.

Just wanted to let them know their daily deeds are noticed and appreciated.

Karyn Abe

Dear Karyn,

Your kind words are appreciated, especially after the holiday season when the cans are filled to the brim.

“Our men and women put in tireless hours, six days a week, 52 weeks a year, taking off only Christmas and New Year’s Day,” says Department of Environmental Services Director Lori Kahikina. “Our employees take great pride and professionalism in their city jobs making sure the opala is picked up and disposed of, keeping our city clean.”

Dear Pamela,

I cannot say enough about the efficiency of three paramedics who took good care of me last month. They arrived at Island Nursing Home, calmed me down and asked if they could put an IV in my arm.

These paramedics are Frank Sains, Mario Fuentes and Ian McCauley who work out of the Makiki EMS unit.

Also, APPLAUSE goes to the staff at Kuakini Emergency Room. Mahalo to all of you in the New Year.

M. Tom

Dear Ms. Tom,

“We appreciate you taking the time to thank the Makiki crew who treated you last month,” says Shayne Enright of Honolulu Emergency Services. “Paramedics Frank Sains and Mario Fuentes are veterans within EMS, and Ian McCauley is a paramedic intern. It is not often our crews hear back from their patients, so we will surely pass on your kind words to them. We hope you have a very healthy and happy new year.”

Dear Pamela,

As my mom and brother waited for the Handivan pickup from her home in Waipahu, my mom had a heart attack just as the van arrived.

The van driver was very helpful and stayed with my mom while my brother ran to get her nitro pills. He stayed with mom until the EMS arrived and took her to the hospital.

I spoke with the driver as he stayed with my mom, and know how nervous he must have been. His act of compasionfor another in distress should be commended in a day and age when we hear a lot of human nature negativity. It’s a pleasure to know that positive, caring souls are still out there, and the aloha spirit though somewhat diminished from my childhood days is still prevalent here in Hawaii.

Many thanks to the driver Chris!

Gigi Friedfel

Dear Gigi,

“Our drivers become a part of your families,” says Handivan’s Michelle Kennedy. “They know you rely on their services on a regular basis, and their knowledge and compassion in emergency situations like yours.”

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