Mail Carrier Goes The Extra Mile

Aloha Pamela,

Just wanted to share this story about my friend Kathy Myers. She is a letter carrier at the Wahiawa post office. She is a very caring, giving person who always is doing good deeds. This is one of them. She has an elderly person on her route who has a pit bull-mixed dog named “Iwilei.” This dog was in need of a bath and, being the person she is, Kathy bought shampoo and gave this dog a bath one day during her lunch break. Now, the owner and neighbors can enjoy the beauty and smell of this clean canine.

Marilyn Mitchell

Dear Marilyn,

“I’ve been delivering the mail in Wahiawa for 30 years and I really love my job and customers,” says Kathy Myers. “I give everyone my own mobile phone number so they can call me if I’ve missed them while they’re shopping or picking up the grandkids or at doctors’ appointments. I’m usually still on my route and just re-deliver whatever it is so they don’t have to stand in line at the post office. Iwilei’s bath was on my lunch break, and so worth it because everyone was happy she finally got a bath!”

Aloha Pamela,

My wife and I went hiking on the Aiea Loop Trail last week. While jogging up an incline on the trail, I hit my head against a low-hanging tree branch. I sustained a deep laceration on my forehead, and my wife panicked when she saw all the blood on my face. She frantically began wiping my bloody forehead.

Just then, three young hikers approached us and immediately began to assist my wife. Luckily, they had a large first aid kit and had me cleaned up and bandaged in no time. I told them I was OK to hike back to my car (about a mile-and a-half away), but they insisted on escorting me down.

A big mahalo to these three young Mormons, Elder Wightman, Elder Wilson and Francis Evagelia, for their kind assistance!

Herb Morikawa

Dear Herb,

John Dalton, president of the Hawaii/Honolulu Mission, says the assistance
the three young men gave to you was in keeping with the service they are committed to rendering to humanity. “This must have been on one of their free days, since most of the time they are studying and preparing for their missions,” he says. “It is not surprising they carried the spirit of good will and sharing even on a day of leisure.”