Letter to the Editor – 7/31/13

More idiots

Good work, MidWeek! A few weeks after Don Chapman’s column “Idiot Drivers, Idiot Walkers: Bad Mix,” and a spate of letters that followed with tales of more idiots on our roads and sidewalks, and with Oahu on record pace for pedestrian deaths so far this year, it’s nice to see HPD emphasizing “wise walking.”

But I’m afraid safety will be an uphill battle, based on my recent observations of a bicyclist texting on a cell phone while pedaling and a woman driving while eating a bowl of oatmeal.

Grace Lee

The $64 question

From Dan Boylan’s column I was very impressed with the credentials of his nomination of Dr. Ned Shultz for UH president. But while “Ned knows his way to the Legislature,” according to Mr. Boylan, as a UH alum I have the $64 question: Is he political?

Clarence Ching

Salute leakers

I salute “leakers” Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden for putting their freedom and safety on the line for outing President Obama and his people for their lying, deceitful “we rule the world” attitude and actions. Yes, they may have committed crimes, but they did what had to be done. Thank you!

Obama claims their actions have put our troops in danger, but in fact it’s our illegal invasions, unpunished atrocities, murders of thousands of innocents, displacement of millions that continue to put our troops in harm’s way. We continually give people in the Middle East reason to attack us. Obama is no better than Bush.

Fred Metcalf

That’s more like it

I enjoy Jerry Coffee’s column a lot more when he gets away from extreme right-wing politics. His description of landing a plane on an aircraft carrier, and how it might relate to the Asiana flight crash in San Francisco, was a darn good read.

Dan Mason

Much to like

Most people in Hawaii are familiar with MidWeek. They love the articles that cover a vast array of topics and it’s the one-stop shop that brings a plethora of opinions/thoughts/interests together, much like what Hawaii shares in terms of culture, diversity, and ohana – the melting pot. They adore Pamela Young’s “Applause,” love to read the Jade Moon “Moonlighting” columns, or Bob Jones’ contributions. I get MidWeek delivered on Monday, so I’m two days ahead of the game.

I especially look forward to Ron Nagasawa’s “What’s Next” column. People need a good laugh in these uncertain times.

Michael Char