Lots Of Luck After Getting Stuck

Dear Pamela,

We would like to give a big shout-out of appreciation to all the people who helped my husband and me at Keehi Lagoon when our car got stuck right when we were exiting. There was one lady (I didn’t catch her name; she’s a paddling coach who had practice that day) who helped us push our car back into the park. We would like to say mahalo for your help. Also, a guy named Junior stopped by to see what was wrong with our car and kindly let us keep his jack stand and made sure we were OK before he had to leave to pick up a family member. Lastly, Tracy from Nakamoto’s Towing, thank you for towing our car and taking us home to Waimanalo before it got dark.

We would like to let you all know that we greatly appreciated everything you did for us and our family. Words can’t explain how blessed we are that you guys were there that day. Also, thank you to Mari from Stone Ridge roll-off and Clarissa Flores.

Kepilino-Yeban family

Dear Kepilino-Yebans,

Tracy Nakamoto of Nakamoto’s Towing says you were lucky that night.

“Their car breakdown could have happened on the freeway, and that would have been big trouble,” he says. “The best part of my job is taking care of people and making sure they get home safe.”

Dear Pamela,

I’m writing this letter to share with you and all Hawaii the outstanding customer service I received from Nikki at the FedEx office located in Pearl City. Nikki helped me print out an important document that I needed for a state exam I was going to take. My problem was, I couldn’t figure out how to forward my email (duh)! Anyway, without touching my phone, Nikki assisted me with a step-by-step process on how to forward my email. Nikki handled the situation professionally and courteously.

Paulette Levy
Pearl City

Dear Paulette,

“Nikki Wallace and the rest of the staff are committed to customer service and try to live up to our motto, ‘I will make every FedEx experience outstanding,'” says Pearl City FedEx office manager Jack Whitlow. “We try to live that every day.”

Aloha Pamela,

My wife and I went to Sears AT&T at Ala Moana to get some information on some new phones. After a short wait a representative came to help us, but I guess we were not technical enough to understand what he was trying to tell us, so he sent us to Radio Shack, also at Ala Moana. We asked the same questions there as we did at Sears. We were fortunate to have this young lady help us. Her name is Maile Mira, the most courteous salesperson we have ever met. She was so patient and explained all the details several times. They didn’t have all that we needed, so she called another store and had it delivered to her store, then called us back to pick up our purchase. She also took the time to explain the features. In these times of hurry, it was so refreshing to experience true kindness.

Pilsun Amina

Dear Pilsun,

“Some customers need a little more time to understand the technology,” says Ala Moana Radio Shack assistant manager Verna Valbuena. “Maile goes above and beyond for her customers. It’s part of the way we like to treat clients.”