Letter to the Editor – 6/19/13

Bogus science

It is most unfortunate that MidWeek has decided to publish a misleading letter by Hesh Goldstein that claims the dangers of GMOs are proven by two independent scientists, Samsel and Seneff. It is interesting to note that the “study” cited doesn’t contain data about these so-called findings. That does not make it a scientific study but a great read for the anti-GMO propagandists. Samsel also is an activist in the anti-GMO world, and Seneff is actually an electrical engineer. Entropy is a physical sciences journal that is pay-to-publish. Seems like a great way to spread fear by getting something published in what appears a legitimate magazine. Make up some fancy words in their paper, like exogenous semiotic entropy, and toss in the debunked study from the vaccine-causes-autism study author Dr. Wakefield, who lost his medical license, and you get really good fear-mongering propaganda at its best. Great way to rile up the public over misleading information and bad science.

Joni Kamiya

GMO myths

I would like to comment on some GMO myths.

1) GMO seeds are engineered to be sterile, thus forcing farmers to buy seeds.

Actually, sterilization is a side effect of the hybridization process and is not intentionally engineered into GMO seeds. All hybrids, even non-GMO, are sterile (seedless grapes). Farmers have been buying sterile hybrid seeds for many years without complaint.

2) GMO plants will get loose and wreak havoc on the countryside.

Again, if they are sterile, how can they do this?

3) GMO products are unhealthy.

Southeast Asian rice farmers have been planting GMO rice for years with no harm. Yields are up, quality is up, income is up. They are happy to buy new seed each year.

Bobby Stevens

The real Godzilla

If rail equals Godzilla as suggested in last week’s letters, then the vastly larger H-1 footprint must equal 1,000 Godzillas, and it certainly was not built for free either. In addition, that “footprint” is clogged, loud, polluting and accident-prone. We just returned from five years in Germany, where public transportation is widespread and efficiently utilized. Even Los Angeles now is endorsing more rail and expanding its network, unthinkable there only a few years ago. Despite all the debate over the rail issue, it’s good to be back in beautiful Hawaii, land of the noisy tailpipe.

Andy Henry

Keiki justice

We are pleased and grateful for Rachel Breit’s thorough and engaging Newsmaker article covering our recent “slipper event” that recognized Children’s Justice Center (CJC) of Oahu and Child Abuse Awareness and Sexual Assault Prevention Month. Rachel’s story and sharp photos have already captured the attention of many who have positively commented on the story. Raising awareness about CJC’s mission and child-abuse prevention in our community is an ongoing effort, and we greatly appreciate the support.

Laurie Chang Board member, Friends of Children’s Justice
Centers of Oahu

Idiot walkers

Don Chapman asked why “idiot walkers,” pedestrians who are oblivious to their surroundings, behave this way. As my dear late husband Michael Reily would say, “natural selection.” Hope that helps.

Dianne Reilly

Just pay attention

I enjoyed Don Chapman’s column “Idiot Drivers, Idiot Walkers: Bad Mix.” He hit the nail on the head, and the article should be published in newspapers across the country.

The number of people walking paying no attention to their surroundings is amazing. I feel like sneaking up behind them and shouting, but then some stupid lawyer would manage to make a case out of it. Our society has lost itself in not teaching young children to know what is happening around them.

John P. Gallagher
Ewa Beach