Locked Keys, Loose Wires

Dear Pamela:

A few days ago, I got to my car with a bagful of groceries from Times Market-Kahala and found my keys locked in the car. I went to the customer service to ask if they could hold my groceries while I walked home to get a spare key. They could hold it for me, but when the service person learned where home was, she asked me to wait a few minutes for the return of her backup and she would drive me home. I asked her name and she replied “Monz.” Upon returning to the Times parking lot, I offered to pay for the gas she used, but she refused it by saying she was happy to help. This senior citizen was grateful for the graciousness extended to me in time of need. Thank you, Monz. I will be back shopping at Times.

G.Y. Funasaki

Dear G.Y.,

After more than 25 years working for Times Market, Monica “Monz” Hatori is known for her kind gestures. “I asked where he lived, which was Kapahulu, and I thought to myself, ‘Far, yeah? That’s a long walk.’ So I asked my boss, and he said, ‘Yeah, go, go.’ We do this all the time. We help our customers.”

Dear Pamela,

Last week I took my son Elijah to his doctor appointment at Castle hospital. As we were about to leave, my car wouldn’t start. We were stuck! I want to say thank you to one of the security guards there who tried everything to help me, along with three other men who did what they could. I didn’t get their names, but I really want to thank them for doing their best. I have an alarm system on my car. I contacted “Rich” from Car Tunes in Kailua where I had my alarm system installed, thinking that also might be malfunctioning. Rich stayed on the phone with me for a long time, taking me step-by-step to try to resolve the issue.

Eventually my car was towed to Car Tunes, and Rich and his associates helped me get my car started. It was only a loose wire! That day I felt so thankful and blessed! Angels do exist!

Janelle Meheula-Wong

Dear Janelle,

Car Tunes owner Rich Asasaki says he tries to solve problems first over the phone. “We do get a lot of calls from people who have had alarms installed by other companies incorrectly,” he says. “We try to talk them through the checkpoints and solve the problems quickly. If it can’t be fixed over the phone, we’re happy to help, even if it doesn’t involve an alarm.”

Dear Pamela,

Glenda Lau and I, two retired seniors, took a bus ride to Turtle Bay Resort. Seated across from us were several teenage girls, happily chattering away. When they got off, Glenda nudged me and said, “Look at the things the girls left on the floor! I’m going to pick up the trash. I don’t want the tourists to ride on a messy bus!” She promptly picked up the mess and held it in her hand until we reached our destination. What an exceptional and wonderful citizen!

Jeane Naito

Dear Jeane,

Glenda has APPLAUSE for you for understanding her needs that day. “I recently lost my sister, and Jeane knows that riding the bus relieves my stress. She suggested we take a ride to Turtle Bay. We had lunch at the golf course. They have the best mahi sandwiches!”