Lions Collecting Old Eyeglasses

Households in West Oahu should start searching now for their discarded pairs of old eyeglasses, and bring them to the “Lions in Sight” recycling drive Jan. 26 at area stores.

The Kapolei Lions Club will man a booth by the Kapolei Walmart store that day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., while other clubs will accept donations at the Pearl City and Kunia Walmarts.

Each year Lions clubs statewide collect the donated glasses, wash and clean them, pack them in boxes and ship them to countries where eye care is very hard to come by. Hawaii clubs received more than 10,000 pairs last year and sent them to the Philippines, Afghanistan and to the Lions recycling center in Vallejo, Calif., which in turn takes them on eye-care missions to Mexico.

“Used glasses cannot be distributed in the U.S.,” explained state chairwoman Alice Kudo, “but we do help thousands in under-developed countries. Many are children who benefit from our projects, which enable them to continue their quest for higher education, and the rest are adults who are able to find better jobs to support their families.”

All Walmarts on Oahu are involved in the drive, as well as several Longs Drugs. For more information, email Kudo at