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Lions Clubs Team Up To Benefit Pearl City Foundation

With new officers recent- ly sworn in and ready to serve the community, Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club will host a project that will benefit nonprofit organization Pearl City Foundation (PCF). Teaming up with Kalakaua Lions Club for a joint community service project, the Lions will conduct a beautification project Aug. 25 at Puuhale Elementary School.

After the groups complete the project, the Weinberg Foundation, which partners with Kalakaua Lions Club to fund a grant for a different nonprofit each year, will award PCF with $10,000.

PCF will use the funds to award scholarships to low-income students to attend its Intercession Enrichment Program, a fun, educational program for K-6 students during school breaks, for one year.

The project will include sprucing up Kanakanui Street (which is part of the school’s property), a cleanup of the library, painting sidewalks, and working on the school’s planters and watering system.

“Though our designated geographical service area is along the coastal side of Nimitz Highway between the Arizona Memorial and Aloha Tower, all clubs are encouraged to reach out in all areas needing volunteers to serve,” said newly appointed Mana Loa- Nimitz Lions Club president Warren Hiromoto.

According to Hiromoto, members have been part of other Lions Clubs that have worked with the Kalakaua Lions over the years. The Kalakaua Lions have partnered with different clubs annually for the Weinberg Friends Program, which helps two nonprofit organizations — one through a service project and the other through a grant.

“We have developed a close relationship with Kalakaua LC over the past 10 years, for we know that more can be accomplished by working together. We are partnering up with Kalakaua LC again in the latter part of this year, cleaning used eye glasses that will be shipped to (developing) countries,” Hiromoto added.

This year the Mana Loa- Nimitz Lions Club also is looking forward to helping another West side group — Radford High School in Salt Lake — Oct. 14 with the Adopt a School Day, which is sponsored by the Hawaii Jaycees. “Last year 95 groups assisted 119 private and public schools statewide in ful- filling their needs by beautifying campuses, implementing new school programs, offering career skills training, providing dona- tions and improving daily maintenance care,”Hiromoto said.

Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions recently had a ceremony to welcome in its new officers, including president Hiromoto and Calvin Ebusitani as club secretary. Other members sworn in for the 2012-13 session were Chris Aguinaldo and Evelyn Sakugawa (vice presidents), Breene Harimoto (treasurer), Alan Miyamoto (membership director), and Brian Nitta and Blake Necker (board members).

“Since we’re considered a small club, we partner up not only with other clubs but also other organizations to do worthwhile projects that benefit the community in need,” Hiromoto said.

For more information on Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club and the community service project, visit sites.google.com/site/man- aloanimitzlions or check them out on Facebook at on.fb.me/Qx99IG.