Letters to the Editor – 6/10/15

Avoiding dogma

This letter is submitted as someone baptized and raised in the church, whose father was a minister until his passing and mother a devout congregant.

In contrast to tendencies of religiosity and dogmatic story making, Jay Sakashita offers a range of articles for popular reading. His column is greatly appreciated for the ways readers are encouraged to begin to think about religion, and perhaps even conduct research on their own in order to go beyond ghettoizing “truth” to one major religion, religious institution, sect or charismatic figure. With regard to Christianity, the Bible and knowledge sharing, Prof. Sakashita’s writings fall within the realm of inquiry as in the works of Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, eminent scholar of the New

Testament and early Christianity; Karen Armstrong, a researcher and former Roman Catholic sister with her book A History of God, and the deeply reflective publications of priest and scholar Bishop John Shelby Spong.

Thank you, MidWeek and Jay Sakashita. Keep on writing, for the people.

W.E. Quintero

Spirits lifted

The more I read MidWeek, the more I appreciate the articles so much. I especially appreciated the May 27 issue, including Jay Sakashita’s “Regarding Satan, The Devil Is In Details,” “Momma’s Boy” by Ron Nagasawa and “Back On Board” about Greg Louganis by Steve Murray.

They all lifted my 84 year old spirits. Thank you!

Yoshie Tanabe

Housing Myth?

Thanks to Bob Jones for an insightful column on Singapore’s housing solutions, including promoting ownership and creative financing. Alas, that will probably never fly in the U.S. — sounds too socialist! Truly, this is an example of government doing good things for both individuals and the greater society.

Sometimes we Americans get too caught up in our own national mythology.

David Levine

Allah’s will

Patrick Buchanan once again nailed the Middle Eastern nail on the head in his column “Willing To Fight, Die For Tribe And Faith.”

American troops have no place in that part of the world, and there is very little we could accomplish what would victory look like? I hate to quote Sarah Palin, but perhaps the only smart thing she ever said is that since all these wars are among Muslims, “Let Allah sort it out.” There is nothing over there worth the loss of another American life.

Jen Lee

Choy’s Monster

It was with both awe and sadness that I viewed the photos of “Choy’s Monster,” the 1,805-pound marlin caught by Capt. Cornelius Choy of Kewalo in 1970. What a magnificent fish. What a shame it died to become a trophy.

Ellen Aikman

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