Letters to the Editor

Catholic quitters

I am not sure why Jerry Coffee and Jade Moon share a common bond with Pope Francis, as confessed quitters of the faith (their own words).

They praise him – why? They disagree with him – why?

Are they trying to help others or lead them away?

Michael Teruya

Thanks, but no

Larry Price had an insightful column, telling us that Japan is providing $5 million to the U.S. to help with cleanup of their tsunami debris.

Hawaii is asking, too, for federal aid of $15 million to help clean up. I hope we get it.

Then we can say to Japan: “We can’t take your money. You lost 18,000 people in a triple disaster and still don’t have your electricity everywhere restored. You need this more than we do.”

In fact, we could say this, returning Japan’s money without even waiting for the federal assistance. We could meet Japan’s nobility here because of our noblesse oblige.

Ruth Freedman

Power pursuit

Bob Jones hit the nail on the head with his column “Always Running For A Higher Office.”

These politicians may say they’re in it to serve people, but, in fact, they are in it for power. And the few who may run for noble reasons are soon co-opted and do all they can to stay in power.

Alice James

What a shock

Wow, ol’ liberal Dan Boylan did a nice story on four young Republicans in the Legislature. What a pleasant surprise. Now he can go back to worshipping Obama.

Ralph Lee

Asian porn war

With all the tension in Asia – China, Japan, the Koreas – I wasn’t expecting a funny story out of the region.

But Chuck Shepherd’s Weird News column “Japan, China’s New Porn War” was literally laugh-out-loud funny.

We can only hope and pray that’s the worst warfare between them.

Ted Kajiwara

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