Going Above And Beyond The Job

Hi Pamela,

We would like to sincerely thank the Good Samaritan(s) who called 911 when our mom, Mrs. Kamiya, who was missing from her care home, had fallen near Dole Intermediate School. We are forever grateful for their help in helping us find her! We would like to also sincerely thank Officer Tagomori and his staff at HPD’s Missing Persons section for their very quick action in helping to find our mom. They all did a really, really great job! A big mahalo to everyone!

The Kamiya family

Dear Kamiyas,

“Detective Michael Garcia and Officer Reid Tagomori of the Missing Persons section are experienced veterans when it comes to conducting searches,” says Lt. David Kamai of the Homicide Detail (which oversees Missing Persons.) “While the majority of missing persons are located, it’s always a stressful experience for families, even when it’s for a relatively short length of time. Officer Tagomori and Detective Garcia possess compassion and empathy for the missing persons and their families, something that’s very important during these incidents.”

Dear Pamela,

May I, through you, thank Maddie, the customer service supervisor at Don Quijote, and her capable staff for their help in getting me home one day. After checking out at the cashier, my arthritic feet locked on me. With help, I inched my way to customer service. They furnished me with water, a chair and a wheelchair while Maddie talked to my son. Both he and my daughter came to take me to my car on the wheelchair. Tips were refused. A great big mahalo to my angels that day. God bless them all.

Deborah Chang

Dear Deborah,

Maddie Kwan at Don Quijote customer service is so glad you took her advice. “Her legs were shaking; she was holding onto the counter,” she says. “I asked if she needed to rest, and she said, ‘No, no I can walk, I can drive.’ I said firmly, ‘No, you cannot.’ Finally, she allowed us to get her a chair and call her son and daughter. We’re happy she got home safely.”

Dear Pamela,

It’s such a breath of fresh air to read about all the everyday acts of kindness that are performed by people everywhere.

I’m writing to commend the manager and owners of Ko’olau Pets in Windward Mall. We purchased two beautiful Siamese kittens from them for our children. Both kittens gave us entertainment and joy for weeks until one of them became very ill. The illness was something Ko’olau Pets had no control over. However, the manager, Sherry, immediately contacted us to express concern and offer support. I’m sad to report that the kitten ended up passing away, but Sherry continued to remain in contact, learning all she could about the illness. She insisted we send her our veterinarian bills, and after consulting owners Mel and Napua Furtado, gave us a full refund for the kitten and paid our vet bills, an amount exceeding $450! We did not expect this level of customer service and kindness, but it gave us much comfort and help during a difficult time. I want other readers to know about this Windward business that cares more about people than its bottom line.

Haidee Storms

Dear Haidee,

“We felt obligated to step in even though it was a situation out of our control, ” says Ko’olau Pets store manager Rob Lawrence. “The kitten had a rare condition and we were concerned for it and the family. Sherry Ferreira, who takes care of our dog and cat maintenance, did the right thing.”

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