Letters to the editor – 3/18/15

Too many people

Were it not for his weekly appearances in these pages, one might think Dan Boylan had just emerged from a Van Winkle-like slumber for his belated bemoaning of Oahu’s mindless emulation of Mainland suburbia.

Many of the maladies visited upon Hawaii by modernity are rooted in the plague of too many people. The consequences Mr. Boylan now laments were perfectly predictable for anyone paying attention.

As long ago as 1978, George Ariyoshi presaged the present predicament with the introduction of a variety of legislative initiatives designed to limit in-migration. They mostly failed to pass constitutional muster, but Gov. Ariyoshi clearly recognized the fallacy and folly of a trajectory which has brought us to the cusp of the dystopia Mr. Boylan finally is able to perceive.

Among the various tragedies associated with the loss of sovereignty was the loss of Hawaii’s ability to control its borders. Conversely, the presumed benefits of statehood include protections of the U.S. Constitution, including freedom of movement, alas, a liberty particularly ill-suited to finite and fragile Hawaii.

The people of Hawaii long ago lost control of their destiny. The future will likely bear little resemblance to the image of “paradise” that lured so many here.

The blessing for Mr. Boylan and others is they won’t see the worst of it.

Doug Lamerson

Jay’s face

Unlike Linda Nicholson in her letter (putting down Jay Sakashita’s face), I find his face to be open and kind, his comments in his column thoughtful, informative and often quite insightful, and his presentations innovative.

That’s very much in keeping with a religions educator’s role in our democratic and inclusive society.

Josephine Chang

Banking on FHB

Thank you for the cover story about CrimeStoppers. But there is one large mistake in the article about our biggest bank sponsor. We are affiliated with First Hawaiian Bank, not the bank noted in the story. FHB has been with us for 35 years and has been exceptional with handling our rewards.

We appreciate FHB and do not want them to feel slighted.

Kim Buffett Feigenspan
Sergeant Coordinator,
CrimeStoppers Honolulu

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