Answering A Doctor’s Desperate Call

Dear Pamela,

You cannot imagine my desperation at the prospect of opening my new office with no phone and no Internet.

I called Mr. Hiapo Chun of Hawaiian Telcom. He immediately recognized I needed a phone ASAP. He understood that a doctor’s office without Internet access to the patient’s electronic medical record is a health care hazard. He offered me analog phone service and got my installation three days before my office was scheduled to open.

Please recognize this exceptional person who cut through piles of red tape in the interest of safe patient care.

Elaine M. Imoto, M.D.

Dear Dr. Imoto,

Hawaiian Telcom business customer representative Hiapo Chun remembers you well.

“Dr. Imoto needed to set up phone and Internet service right away in order to maintain HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance for her medical practice,” he says.

“I worked closely with Dr. Imoto and her team to secure what was needed so they could focus on providing quality patient care. It was an absolute pleasure to serve her, and I’m so glad she chose Hawaiian Telcom.”

Dear Pamela,

A great big APPLAUSE to Mr. Brooks Borror of Commercial Consultants Inc. My friend and I went to Manoa Safeway to purchase a cake and lei for a birthday party for our Child & Family Service health maintenance group (kupuna exercise group).

I must have lost my wallet somewhere between the cashier and the car. I discovered my loss as soon as we reached Manoa Gardens Social Hall. Needless to say, I was devastated, not so much for cash (which is important to an 89-year-old on fixed income), but for all the cards and IDs.

This was immediately reported to Manoa Safeway, my banks and the police. Much to my surprise, my wallet was delivered to my home that same day by Mr. Borror. He was kind enough to take the time after work to deliver it.

He saved me from a restless and sleepless night. Thank God for compassionate people like Mr. Borror! May he be rewarded with many blessings for him and his family.

Dorothy Kawasaki

Dear Dorothy,

Thank goodness for Google!

Brooks Borror says he went on the Internet to track down your address, which was not too far from his place of business.

“I saw all the credit cards and knew she’d be anxious,” he says. “She was most thankful she had her IDs back, which she uses for bus travel. What a wonderful lady. She brought me cookies.”

Aloha Pamela,

I do so enjoy reading the APPLAUSE letters and responses in MidWeek. Many times I have thought of writing but haven’t taken the time to do so.

It came to me that today that, after consistently reading “negative” comments in other media, I have found myself wondering about myself and others, and how we lost our sense of compassion.

And then I picked up the MidWeek and read your column. It made me reconfigure my thinking and reassert to myself that there is so much more good than bad in people … that a wide range of reading will help us keep our balance.

Thanks so much. You made my afternoon better!

Debra Zedalis

Dear Debra.

Thank you.

The APPLAUSE should go to the authors of the letters we receive, expressing such heartfelt gratitude. Yes, there is much good in people and we are happy to celebrate it in the pages of MidWeek.

If you know someone who deserves some Applause, send your letters to Pamela Young, MidWeek Applause, KITV, 801 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813. Include your name, phone number and, if possible, the phone number of your “applaudee” so we can contact him or her.