Letter to the Editor – 6/26/13

No proof of lies

Right-wing ideologue Jerry Coffee seems to take great pleasure in calling our president a “liar” – yet without foundation or fact. And I don’t recall him calling the former president a liar, although he lied us into a war that cost thousands of American lives and billions of dollars.

The following facts may help Mr. Coffee deal with reality:

* The economy is steadily improving, despite GOP congressional intransigence and blocking of any progressive programs.

* An attorney general who lied under oath to Congress would surely be removed from office or censured.

* Months of GOP “investigations” have produced no facts or offenses, and that includes “IRS,” “Benghazi” and “AP.”

Perhaps Mr. Coffee and his partisans on the right should stop trying to embarrass the president and Hillary Clinton (they fear her) and try governing this great nation. This is a much more difficult task to be sure, a lot tougher than standing back and taking cheap shots.

David Jones

It’s about time

Congratulations to Susan Page and MidWeek for publishing her column “Of Presidents And Scandals.” I was wondering if anyone in the Democratic Capital of Hawaii was paying attention to what was going on in Washington, D.C.

I was beginning to think maybe the local media felt it to be too unsavory to critique its favorite son’s administration for what many before him would have been persecuted by the press. Thank you!

Ralph Broomhead

A real nugget

Regarding Bob Jones’ column on the Alaska gold miner from Hawaii and his political bent:

George Deden, a “nondegreed geologist,” posted on Facebook that President Obama “will hang for his illegal activities.”

Before a sitting president can be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors by the Senate, he has to be first indicted by the House of Representatives. Besides being offensive to certain people of color, hanging is a vestige of a bygone era, and as capital punishment is not likely to be a remedy of a guilty verdict for any presidential impeachment trial, ever.

One can only speculate from whence Mr. Deden’s political and judicial wisdom emerged. As a “non-degreed proctologist,” might I hazard a guess?

Peter Chisteckoff
Mililani Mauka

Vitiligo verities

Thank you to Rasa Fournier for the Doctor in the House article on vitiligo. I became aware of my problem in 1986 when I thought my hands were dirty! I am of Finnish ancestry and light-skinned, so vitiligo is not as serious a problem as it is with dark-skinned people. I have tried many therapies, including UV treatments, to no avail. Fortunately, it has not progressed much, so unless I call it to people’s attention they are not aware of it. My feet and hands, where I have lost most of the pigment, will burn severely if I spend much time in the sun.

I am a member of the National Vitiligo Foundation in Cincinnati – www.mynvfi.org has a wealth of information and promotes research on this affliction.

B. J. Dyhr

Regents running

Loved Roy Chang’s cartoon about the UH Regents running in place to find a new president. He nailed this one.

Linda Lee

POW reunion

Mahalo to Jerry Coffee for sharing his reunion of former POWs at the Nixon library. I only can imagine what an emotional time that must have been. It’s wonderful to see these gentlemen recognized.

Ted Jackson

Idiot walkers

In reply to Don Chapman’s question about idiot walkers’ behavior:

The answer is on the May 20 cover of Time magazine: “The Me Me Me Generation: Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.”

‘Nuff said.

Ted Lee

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