Lani Misalucha

Leah Friel photo

It takes special talent to be able to emulate the voices of monumental singers such as Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Barbara Streisand, and for decades Lani Misalucha has been doing just that with mesmerizing style and a touch of humor. Born and raised in the Philippines, Misalucha’s outstanding performances have awarded her titles including “Asia’s Nightingale,” and “Best Singer” in the 27th annual Best of Las Vegas nominations.

Self-admittedly a shy girl growing up, Misalucha praises her early experiences and previous band members for her growth as a singer and performer.

“I don’t think I was an introvert if you spoke to me I would talk, but I was not very outgoing. Singing in bands slowly opened me up to a new world of entertainment, and gradually helped me to strengthen myself in socializing and communicating with new people. My past experiences have helped me, and continue to help me connect with my audience and make them feel attached to the show they are watching,” she says.

As an unknown artist working with various bands while going to college at Philippine Christian University in Manila, Misalucha slowly rose as a highly sought-after talent in just a few years. Early on she had plans to give it all up so she could live a simple life as a wife and mother, but her natural talent and growing reputation catapulted her career to headline proportions, starring in Las Vegas as a solo artist and with Hawaii’s own Society of Seven, with whom she spent years performing and laughing on stage.

“They are seven boys, seven different people, seven different characters, but the one common characteristic is they are all so funny, especially Gary (Bautista), who passed away. He was incredibly talented and could dance and sing so well,” says Misalucha, who has her Lani Misalucha Day each Dec. 4 in Las Vegas.

Currently she is headlining her Lani Misalucha Show in the Magic of Polynesia showroom at Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort. This special engagement runs through the end of March.

“It is a fun show,” she says. “We take you on a rollercoaster ride, where at one point you will be laughing and another you might find yourself teary-eyed. It is kind of what life is all about: Sometimes you are down and then are taken to new heights.”

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