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Decadence D'Or, the most expensive cupcake in the world. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

NOTHING IS sweeter than a run of luck in Vegas, and Sweet Surrender in the Palazzo can help you celebrate with a Decadence D’Or – the most expensive cupcake in the world. This thing is more pampered than we were at birth. It begins with a hand-blown sugar fleur-de-lis that’s crafted from Palmira Single Estate chocolate. The frosting is made from Charentes-Poitou AOC butter mix, Tahitian Gold vanilla caviar (keep your eyes on the hips) and honey, caramel, lavender, vanilla, banana, orange blossom, almonds and a special top-secret blend of 1,200 different cognacs. Of course, no over-the-top baked good would be complete without some edible gold flakes for a crown. At $750 a pop, this thing makes Wolfgang Puck’s $165 a la carte, true Japanese 100 percent Wagyu Beef from Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, Rib Eye Steak green with envy.

IT’S TOUGH to argue with the choices that made the cut of this year’s Gayot (pronounce Guy-OH) list of the top 10 steak places in Las Vegas. Unless you like your meat the way nature intended – without sauces – you’d have to be a food critic or a “super taster” to define the subtle nuances that separates these joints. At No. 1 is Mario Batali’s Carnevino, No.2 is Wolfgang Puck’s Cut (both in the Palazzo), at No. 3 is Gordon Ramsay’s Steak and Jean Gorges Steakhouse (both in Paris) … The complete list is available at WARNING: Dinner for two at any of these fine-dining establishments easily can cost you the monthly payment on a new Corvette.

HIGH-LEVEL meeting, or were they just hungry? Internet wizzes Tony Hsieh (CEO of and Elon Musk (Paypal, Space X and Tesla Motors) were spocked at La Comida downtown. Either way, that should make getting a table to sample the funky vibe and South of the Border specialties a little more difficult now.

THE ARIA & BELLAGIO hosts the fourth annual Food & Wine All-Star Weekend Oct. 4-6. On the menu of events, executive chef Heather Zheng’s 10 Ways to Sushi – 10 ahi plates with 10 different kinds of wasabi and 10 varieties sake. Michael Mina hosts a Harvest Dinner and Joel Robuchon does a Six-Course Bliss. And there’s even more celebrity chefs than you can hit with a case of TV dinners, including Jean Georges Vongerichten, Shawn McClain, Julian Serrano and Jean-Philippe Maury.

ALSO IN October, the Kaimuki High School Class of 1981 sings “Happy Birthday to me” as they celebrate their birthdays in Las Vegas. Join the chorus, email

BINGO! The Vacations Hawaii Omni Charter has moved from B22 to Gate A7. Budget accordingly – being closer to the exit means more time in the casinos. Speakin’ of the charter, a Vegas Sky Cap jokingly told me VH holds the record for wheelchair requests on a single flight at 52.

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