Fourth-grader Shows How A Little ‘Respect’ Goes A Long Way

Kayla Munoz, 'Respect.'

Kapunahala Elementary fourth-grader Kayla Munoz receives a certificate from Patricia Kubo of the Windward FCE chapter for her prize-winning essay and artwork on the theme of ‘Respect.’ Photo from Ruth Haitsuka.

A Kapunahala Elementary School fourth-grader has the answer to many of life’s human problems, and it’s all wrapped up in one concise essay on Respect.

Kayla Munoz’s essay and drawing placed first among Oahu entries and second in the state, winning her $125 as well as respect from her peers. The 2014 “Character Counts!” competition is sponsored by the nonprofit Family Community Education (FCE), formerly known at the UH Extension Service. Students at any Hawaii public or private school are invited to enter next year’s contest, which will focus on Responsibility. For more information, call Patricia Kubo at 258-2546.

Below is her winning essay. Elder readers should pay particular attention to her advice on “listening.”

“You should respect people’s belongings, listen to your elders and respect rules.

Respect people’s belongings as if they were yours. Sometimes when you’re not careful, you might break it and you’ll make that person sad. You should not treat that person’s belongings like trash because it might be something special to them. You should not kick things like a person kicking a board.

You should listen to your elders because if you don’t they might feel ignored. Another way is to listen and obey them so you can have more free time.

Finally, you should respect rules. If you don’t follow rules, you will get in trouble and face consequences. You will not get in trouble if you follow rules.

In conclusion, you should respect people’s belongings and listen to all of your elders. Being respectful will make families, schools and communities more harmonious.”