Jan Brenner

Photo courtesy Jan Brenner

Veteran Island songstress and entertainer Jan Brenner has been organizing and hosting themed parties and activities for more then 20 years.

During the time of her showcase performances at the Sheraton Waikiki, Brenner also was hired by Cove Expo and Design to handle its themed entertainment packages.

A year later, in 1991, Brenner bought the company, renaming it Star Theme Partys Inc., and she has had a blast organizing themed parties since. In association with Koa Entertainment, Star Theme Partys Inc. specializes in incentive theme events, team-building activities and community strategies. Many corporate companies utilize Brenner and her team’s services when organizing their company trips to Hawaii as a reward for goals and incentives met.

“We may have an open reception for them, then a Hollywood goes Hawaiian party, then a formal awards ceremony and then a beach event. We’ll handle those events for three to four days in a row,” says Brenner, who was featured on MidWeek‘s cover July 3, 1988.

Star Theme Partys has built a strong reputation in the tight community of incentive-themed events and celebrations. Brenner gets a thrill out of this business because it connects her to all of the aspects of entertainment that she grew up understanding and embracing.

“This business is just made for me. It brings together all my theater background, from organizing the set to props to entertainment,” says Brenner, who may not perform in nightclubs anymore, but still sings weekly at Word of Life Christian Center.

With dozens of themed events available, one of her favorites is the M*A*S*H party, based around the theme of the hit 1970s television show.

“That is one of the most extraordinary. We completely re-create the M*A*S*H television set with the swamp and the nurses’ station, and we do a USO show and even have a Radar character,” says Brenner.

Star Theme Partys Inc. is not just for those corporations that want to share Hawaii with company members. They pay a great amount of attention to our local community, and especially love to help coordinate Christmas- and holiday-theme events, as well as team-building outings. Star Theme Partys Inc. can handle everything from the décor to live entertainment and activities based around camaraderie.

“Local companies hire us to get all their different departments together. We can do a boat-building party or Hawaiian-hut building event to get them all working together to put a face and personality and value to each person,” says Brenner.

For more information on Star Theme Partys Inc., visit starthemepartys.com.