More Island TV Service Options

Hawaiian Telcom’s TV service is available in more areas on Oahu | Photo courtesy Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom’s TV service is available in more areas on Oahu | Photo courtesy Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom’s TV service has been around for the last two years, but it’s been gaining more attention with availability in more areas. A couple weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by a knock at the door from a Hawaiian Telcom representative letting me know the service is available in my area. As were many other folks, I was so happy to hear this because it puts another option on the table.

“Hawaiian Telcom has been working hard to expand our advanced fiber network so we can offer Next Generation services to more customers in more neighborhoods,” said Jason Fujita, vice president-consumer sales and product marketing for Hawaiian Telcom. “Services such as Hawaiian Telcom TV, our super-fast High Speed Internet service with speeds up to 50 Mbps, and more. We are building a network that will support customers’ needs today and into the future.”

On top of having access to 200-plus channels, the TV Everywhere app (iOS and Android) allows you to log into your account and watch TV from your tablet or smartphone. In the home, the DVR will let you record up to four shows simultaneously and store up to 500 hours of standard definition or 130 hours of high-definition programming. You can start watching a recorded show on one TV then resume it on another TV. You’ll just need one DVR subscription to enjoy this feature with a Set Top Box.

To see if Hawaiian Telcom TV is available in your area, visit and click the “Check Availability” tab. This allows you to type your address to see if your home qualifies. If you would like to see a demo of the service, take a trip to Kahala Mall to see the setup at Hawaiian Telcom’s Total Entertainment kiosk. Pricing starts at $63.95 for the Hawaiian Telcom Advantage TV package (175-plus channels), and bundles with TV/phone/Internet options start at $88.95. If you think this might be confusing, free training is provided to help you get the optimal usage out of your system.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Google Maps

If you haven’t noticed yet, Google Maps recently had a massive overhaul with acquisition of Waze. You no longer have to separately launch your Waze app to track the traffic situation on the roads. You can see all of Waze’s traffic data on both the Google Maps desktop or your app.

This really helps when you’re looking for congested areas or accidents that bring you to that frustrating standstill.

Of course, Maps isn’t just about navigating. You also can use it as an exploration and educational tool. While using Google Maps from your desktop, Pegman (the yellow guy in the lower right corner of the screen) is your guide through Street View. The areas you actually can view in Street View will light up in blue. As you zoom in, the blue circles indicate where you can find user-uploaded photos, including Photo Spheres (360-degree panoramas taken from land, air and sea). You click on a yellow circle to see inside restaurants, museums and more. Additionally, you can preview directions by clicking “preview steps” and explore 3-D bird’s-eye view imagery in Earth Tours. Here you can sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of your favorite city or soar over the Alps. In staying with the Google way, all this is free.